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Sea Er freezer is quickened abroad extend pace

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After from August 2007 the first batch of freezer export middle east, sea Er (of 600690) India factory abroad extend pace to be quickened ceaselessly. Recently, its gain the favour of middle east consumer again, on global market, making a globalization brand that is trusted by world consumer. Be in the beginning of the year, middle east client spends factory make known to lower levels to Hai Eryin again the order of 176 container. And similar one act also had not stopped momently. Be in likewise January, far also spend factory make known to lower levels to Hai Eryin in Nigeria client of Africa the large order of 123 container. Meanwhile, factory of freezer of sea Er India depends on the rapiddest response rate and brand force again, become the eligible supplier that can give coke of Coke Cola, 100 things production freezer of tycoon of beverage of two extraction bound in Indian market only.

The refrigerator that Indian factory produces for 100 things coke only has made the preparation that accepts client examine and verify

Factory of freezer of sea Er India wins global large order to indicating ceaselessly: Indian freezer makes base had begun to face global competition, and more and more get of global consumer approbate. In fact, can happen everyday in the top-ranking production base that such setting spreads all over the whole world in sea Er freezer.

Monograph consumer demand

To factory of freezer of sea Er India character, get the result that order for goods is demand of its monograph user from Nigeria. In fact, any brand can create consumer demand ability to win order only. Factory of freezer of sea Er India is a such companies undoubtedly. As Nigeria a professional home appliance interlinks channel, m company is p reaper ground spent freezer factory to stock batches of small refrigerator from Hai Eryin only at first, but sale result is sturdy however this client large quantities of confidence that purchase Hai Erbing box. Probably, what can explain with a group of data factory of freezer of sea Er India wins Nigeria client order more is affirmative.

Such “ sale speed is unexpected really, a week has 18 sales volume only, but the 2nd week sells gave 110, go to the 3rd week to sell actually gave 242, in this inn never a brand has created such sale rate. ” is in charge of the vice-president of the sale as, lucky division gentleman offerred sufficient affirmation to the sale of sea Er freezer.

Without doubt, consumer is right of sea Er freezer approbate be opposite just about with the choice the best explanation of demand of its monograph market. In Nigeria, the metropolis in each family has dynamo of derv of a diminutive, this is place answers electrified wire netting artificially flabby place make answer measure. Such really, the average per capita here year the 1/6 that power consumption is not worth Euramerican country, almost every other a few minutes of 10 power cut cut off the power frequency lets each family be necessary to make sufficient preparation for this indeed. Meanwhile, such electrified wire netting builds current situation certainly will to having higher demand to electric home appliances
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