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Many consumer go selling a Mai Bing case, can discover a new phenomenon, besides last and energy-saving, the grand opera that the member that the exterior also became each brand sales promotion actually peddles. place of the member that be like a sales promotion says: “ buys home appliance to want to considering how to follow household environment collocation to coordinate of course now, the exterior of freezer arrives from traditional white now popular chromatic face plate, artistic even change the exterior to also have, the exterior is different the feeling after putting can differ completely. ” this shows, want to choose a good freezer nowadays, had wanted ” of “ ternary door, want what you want to be certain namely last function, energy-saving technology and exterior.

Last —— wants refrigeration not only

Though refrigerant and lasting is freezer is special competence, but of the product last principle and technique are different, its effect also can go very far, if accuse the metropolis on the parameter such as uniformity of lukewarm, refrigeration refrigerant speed, accurately,have a difference. The maturity of the mainstream on the market lasts now the technology includes 360 degrees of stereo circulatory system and intelligence to change conservatory.

Put 360 degrees of of box stereo circulatory system on the ice to be to opening the door with rich and powerful family exemple, it uses the global patent technology with particular LG, apply all-around air conditioning circulatory system captured the industry difficult problem with inhomogenous temperature of high capacity freezer, safe increases on original basis left send wind to prevent air conditioning to break shed a phenomenon, air current moves pervade each fine point, do not have blind angle completely, make interior space air conditioning evener, bring up ideal last environment. The zero that accuses lukewarm respect Xi Menzi in intelligence lasts have representative, it applies the principle that food won't freeze in zero, lengthen alimental to last life.

   Exterior ——“ fashionable ” still is “ art ”

Had carried last function, you see the surface of the product again carefully. The exterior also is full of beautiful things in eyes nowadays, those who have chromatic outward appearance, lens face designs, still have those who bring figure. And taste newly not less this year play on the exterior removed “ to design beautiful ” . Compare before the chromatic exterior, fashionable exterior such as arc design, the artistic exterior that appears this year is more provoking stop view meed chooses.

And LG rich and powerful family puts box, SamSung on the ice to come to opening the door honour series freezer these change a design as a result of elegant, low-key art, 51 since it is to sell a product that has person energy of life quite all the time. Among them, rich and powerful family is put on the ice to opening the door box is the earliest “ is blended in to fill Tang Wen ” on the exterior the product of this one work of art, it returned the beautiful core part in work to enchase Shihualuo world strange crystal, smooth added natural and graceful, luxuriant aesthetic feeling. As we have learned, this “ that depicted Tang Chaoguo to spend —— peony fills Tang Wen ” , the hand of the painter ” that world-famous “ spends out. And in a such artistic tide, samSung comes honour series freezer is draw has pattern of Andre · gold, depicting butterfly to be between the flower the scene of graceful dance, the atmosphere of sweet harmony also was built to live in an environment in park bedroom.
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