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The 38 home appliance in the section are mad

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Woman what always like to make oneself vacuum is beautiful, sweet smell is dye-in-the-wood. 38 ” of “ section, home appliance also does it mad. Below small write down taking you to listen to everybody is how of the choose and buy, the hope can help you clean out what want to you.

Love husband

Code name: Fertilizer is arrogant

Look at ground of the stoop on wife turn to washing the dress every time, that interest that I feel distressed did not carry. In this “ during 38 ” section is coming, I want to send her washing machine of platen of the inclined below a pine. Provide understanding and washing machine of traditional horizontal platen to be compared more human nature changes a design, inclined platen washing machine will inside the canister tilts 20 degrees, when using, wife need not bow or next crouching that can put in directly and take out clothing and other articles of daily use, let wash clothes become more relaxed; Think of moment can see her “ clean ” is enjoyed wash clothes the smile that fun place shows, that glad interest in my heart did not carry.

Happy housewife

Code name: Bright red

As me many years old 30, nature is a hope the meticulously that can take care of the life of family person. When freezer of choose and buy so I am based on above all last the effect. A model is Xi Menzi KK22F48TI 3 open the door 0OC lasts freezer is pretty good. System of 3 loops refrigeration, contented ad hoc 0°C biology lasts of the room control lukewarm demand accurately, can maintain food temperature, make last the effect soars. Film of one-way silicon filter protects wet cover board to ensure vegetable, fruity lasts period lengthen 2 ~ than common safe 3 times. Family can have everyday now on fresh vegetable fruit, I feel very contented.

Lone noble

Code name: Littlerain

Like us this kind just graduates of the job, every months of a good deal of charge of electricity evil spirit it is to let poll ache. Choose freezer so I am principal of the consideration is energy-saving last freezer. Selling walked along circuit, still feel freezer of sea letter BCD-207H7B is quite pretty good. Cheap price, last the effect is good, convenient put fruit vegetable, efficient and energy-saving, the refrigeration system of double loop still can make freezer is achieved inside the shortest time set temperature beforehand. And the tradition also is broken on exterior design, more fashionable, the most crucial is sexual price considers than be worth you very much.

Literary youth

Code name: Music boss

The friend listens to say before, the series of ” of “ China wind that beautiful freezer rolls out 3 open the door freezer is designed in exterior design, select material at the commonnest painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style in Chinese wash, undertake drawing the outline of with modern technique of writing, china ancient traditional art is on freezer undertook be deductioned faultlessly, its indicative riches and honour, lucky peony, it is not only very denounce happy event and the flowers that loves by the masses, also be to provide representative Oriental totem extremely. I plan to send the old Mom that has thorough understanding to living in culture, believe she can like very much certainly.
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