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Freezer, home of about the same home has, it already made the indispensable one part in domesticity. Whether do you know freezer still has a lot of clever use nevertheless, can you bring bigger advantage for your life?

1. White sweater is worn long, answer the person that send Huang Huo gradually to blacken, wear rise did not have the light previously beautiful, still regrettablly and hate to part with, so you might as well such one type: Will white sweater is cleaned rear the freezer compartment that enters freezer, etc 1 take air in one's childhood, its white colour and lustre can get the refreshment of certain level.

2. Before summer goes out, use clean underwear polybag is good, put freezer inside, etc after coming back, bathe to take out underwear change, really cool bright comfortable.

3. The candle arrived the summer, often can be out of shape. Deposit it in freezer, can not be out of shape for a long time. If the candle deposits more than 24 hours in freezer before ignite, a wrong phenomenon will not appear after igniting so. Insert the birthday cake that has this kind of candle, won't by brief the candle oil below is flyblown.

4. The egg is brushed with Wen Bu, next the end up on big head day puts freezer, can last longer.

5. Long unused film, can put into freezer, the failure period that although arrived,decides formerly, it still can be used. Temporary unused medicines and chemical reagents, dry cell also can stock freezer medicines and chemical reagents to be able to not reduce effect for long, dry cell can prolong life.

6. When freezer deposits food, between food and box wall, between food and food, all should leave the gap that has 10 millimeter above, be helpful for air convection, food so last. The middle-level of freezer cannot be put too completely especially, because freezer is optimal cooling position is not lower level however middle-level, if middle-level blocks contest up to must do not have space, cold air cannot be connected to indelicacy, such lower food deteriorate easily also corrupt.

7. The fruit such as banana, pineapple, if be inside freezer long-term keep in storage, can make pulp degenerative or peel blackens, the cold storage that has short time before edible so can.

8. Use freezer should decrease as far as possible and shorten open the door time and frequency, especially the summer, if open a time overmuch or too long, can make food ignore cold heat up suddenly, the influence stores up quality. In burning hot summer, freezer most fear power cut, time grows, the food in freezer compartment is met defrost is degenerative. The polybag mount that measures with Xiaorong rinses aspic becomes ice cube, put in freezer compartment all the time, the temperature inside the freezer when can preventing power failure is elevatory the food that bring about is addle and degenerative.

9. The surface in freezer door a paper strip for sealing and casing and the place that door a paper strip for sealing contacts, even ground daub a French chalk or talcum powder, can be pulled in order to prevent the paint on doorcase by a paper strip for sealing already, can make box door is opened again shut agile freely, prolong the life of door a paper strip for sealing.
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