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Want to say the greatly small electric equipment in the home, do not have 10, be afraid also have 8. How can let these electric equipment with the smallest use up, does the biggest effect arrive since? When day of world hardworking and thrifty came on October 31, yang Chao of assistant chief engineer of company of Beijing power supply introduced the section report method of a few home appliance for us.

Freezer: Often should keep clear of the frost of storeroom and freezer compartment, hang frost the thermal resistance with very large generation of too thick meeting, affect cold hot trade, make power consumption grow in quantity. Deposit food cannot too full, should leave proper gap, so that air conditioning convection, maintain the temperature inside box balanced; Hot food should cold put freezer again to room temperature hind; The thermoregulation inside freezer is blocked should moderate, unfavorable set into strong cold, lest because workload is increased and circulatory system of the refrigeration inside box increases power consumption.

Washing machine: Washing wants opposite concentration; Time for washing, chemical fibber content with 3 minutes, cotton goods and sheet with 7 minutes advisable; Washing machine has “ to wash ” and “ by force to wash ” function infirmly, choose which kinds of function to want the rate decision with the sort according to fabric, clean need, generally speaking, “ washs ” by force to wash ” to want to omit report infirmly than “ .

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