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Rely on market of new product race to control

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Experienced 2006, successive 2007 the rapid growth of industry of two years of freezer, freezer of long mountain range loses no time, seize opportunity, develop industrial dominant position, ceaseless development expands, continued to maintain rapid growth 2008, january portion realizes make a good beginning, each index rises compared to the same period amount to 70% above. As China western the — of Chinese well-known logo with company of the biggest refrigeration home appliance and only line of business of northwest home appliance grows mountain freezer, make the central point of freezer course of study again, add wrote the new page that freezer of long mountain range rises abruptly afresh.

The brand brings up the market

One of 156 major project that new China of —— of long mountain range builds during ” of Five-Year Plan of the first “ , the nation is large electronic mainstay business. Build a plant from 1957 up to now, through development of 50 years, long mountain range already grew to join extremely big tree for, long mountain range cultivates be well established and vigorously developed this greatly, below “ large tree good enjoy the cool ” this ad saying already in the root establish memory in broad consumer, the company already made market scientific research, development, production, sale, service nowadays the nation at an organic whole is large industry group, country the ” of center of technology of business of “ state level that first deciding. Long mountain range is setting with technology of electron of the war industry of high-tech, spin, the product involves industry of electric home appliances
Since freezer of long mountain range put in the market 1987 oneself, depending on technical innovation and brand advantage, rise abruptly quickly in industry of Chinese home appliance, obtain special honour repeatedly, freezer of long mountain range is judged 7 years to be society of “ China consumer to recommend commodity ” continuously, obtain ” of award of bridge of gold of “ of popular and homebred commodity 5 years continuously, commodity of attestation of ” of mark of “3•15 of Chinese consumer society, “ grew mountain ” brand to be judged to be ” of “ China well-known logo 1999. Afterwards of freezer of long in December 2007 mountain range becomes “ country to avoid check product ” again after 2004, long mountain range ever obtained world bank Montreal 3 times early or late multilateral fund gives a money, long mountain range is replaced without fluorine in freezer, respect of green environmental protection is in domestic banner level. 2005, the company is granted title of ” of enterprise of grade of AAA of reputation of quality of “ whole nation by association of Chinese product quality. 2006, the company is judged to be quality of “ whole nation to be believed so that cross unit ” . Long 2007 mountain range is selected key of first 300 “ whole nation protects brand ” , freezer of long mountain range is judged to be “ quality to selective examination qualification is at ease product ” and “ freezer industry ” of brand of 10 great quality.
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