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Defrost of refrigerant food hot water meets freezer nutrition of many prediction

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Refrigerant food should prevent adipose combustion; The refrigerant food avoid by all means that obtains from freezer uses defrost of hot leach bubble, this meeting causes nutrition a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Guo of communal and wholesome institute Professor Gong Wei waits for Fudan University after undertaking study to refrigerant food, offerred such proposal.

Defend professor introduction according to Guo Gong, average household uses the provision with refrigerant freezer, the refrigerant food that buys with the supermarket has very big difference, although they are same,aspic gets a very hard. Real quick frozen food is the food that shows those courses machine processing beforehand, in 30 minutes in drop in temperature quickly cooling, fall to keep in store and be carried in the environment under 0 18 Celsius next. This kind of condition has professional equipment ability to achieve only, and the common refrigerator that major family uses cannot be competent basically. Consider to make clear, want to make food long-term store, professional quick-freeze is one of the most important steps, because apace drops in temperature,save, it is to maintain food the important step of original gust and nutrition.

It is refrigerant food or cold storage food no matter, first-rate edible time is half month in, to this, guo Gong Wei teachs an analysis to think, inside the cold storage ark of freezer, saving what time grows quite relatively is an egg, but also have half month left and right sides only, after half month, the nutrient composition of the egg is met gradually prediction of a person's luck in a given year, fresh degree also can begin to sell at a discount greatly. And inside refrigerant ark, food is short-term and refrigerant basically its battalion nurturance divides nondestructive, but even if the flesh that suits to be saved for a long time most kind, its optimal edible deadline also is half month in, because of the extension as time, the vitamin in food is met prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Inside domestic freezer if saved the flesh kind food, be about to be examined in time adipose become yellow, because this is the important sign of adipose oxidation, if become yellow, make clear the flesh kind had begun metamorphism.

Guo Professor Gong Wei tells a reporter, the state of nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year of refrigerant food still is concerned with defrost means, best means is slow defrost, can count provision the hour to influence move to a day ahead of schedule, transfer safe from freezer compartment, perhaps issue natural defrost in room temperature. But avoid by all means immerses with hot water or rinse, because such although defrost time shortens, but can let temperature zoom, nutrition is deliquescent still have not enough time to be organized to absorb in water as flow prediction of a person's luck in a given year. If must be inside short time the word of defrost, can choose microwave oven defrost.
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