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Freezer of ark of wine of major of report of rich old and well-known family will

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Loved vinous consumer to there is new choice on deposit vinous means, whole world of a kind of report of German rich old and well-known family that uses freezer of ark of wine of deposit vinous major technically to appear 18 days to be held in Beijing refrigeration technology 75 years of celebration.

Gu Bin of inspector general of department of project of China of report of rich old and well-known family says on the meeting, roll out product of high end of series of freezer of professional wine ark to aim to make high quality life go up again a step. Freezer of ark of this kind of professional wine controls system of refrigeration of type of lukewarm technology, mesh through computer, build an optimum stable temperature and humidity for bishop; The Acc compressor that deserves to be imported with Austria and professional oak wine are worn fall vibration to the harm of wine lowest. The hollow glass door that handles through special treatment craft additionally still can prevent ultraviolet ray effectively to be opposite vinous enroach on, this a series of character build those who give stability of the four seasons to deposit an environment for bishop compose. Freezer of ark of this kind of wine has choice of 5 distinct sizes, the price differs to 16000 yuan from 4300 yuan, will appear on the market in the round in the whole nation in May.

That day, there still is door of rich world glass in what begin on the meeting 6 departments freezer, product of this high end is used advanced refrigeration reachs Germany to accuse accurately lukewarm, and complementary exceed big Lcd to show with what intelligent human nature changes, for food memory offers comprehensive and perfect solution, still introduce elegant and exalted vitreous door model on appearance design

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