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Fly newly bad news report 0.29 degrees " energy-saving king " freezer comes out

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On April 1, 2008, new castigatory " People's Republic of China is managing energy law " will carry out formally, the energy-saving way after editing will put forward clearly to regard the basic national policy of our country as resource conservation. In energy-saving code and energy-saving tide double drive below, home appliance market is sure to lift new round energy-saving storm, and energy-saving home appliance will continue to sing leading role in the market.

Recently, power consumption of a day is 0.29 degrees only, energy-saving freezer is in the Xin Feichao class that the name is ” of “ energy-saving king countrywide big batch appears on the market, its come out will to freezer market launched energy-saving new challenge 2008. Freezer of ” of this “ energy-saving king, the most efficient on the world before using order, can the Enbulake that effect is as high as 2 than COP value compressor of international famous brand; The backboard after freezer uses heat insulation of spaceflight material vacuum board, the epispastic layer of more coequal ply improves adiabatic result 10 times; And its two flank use those who achieve 95mm to exceed thick epispastic layer, make adiabatic effect much better. Additional, its distinctive patent double door seals a structure, can isolate effectively inside and outside heats up exchange, achieve thereby energy-saving lasted purpose; Capillary reach refrigeration agent to develop those who pour an amount to optimize those who assured refrigeration system; The application of this 5 old energy-saving science and technology makes “ energy-saving king ” freezer achieves international banner and energy-saving level. In exterior respect, the handle line of energy-saving king freezer is fluent, open the door convenient freely. Temperature is automatic induction, microtherm is compensated automatically, beardless hand moves open.

Energy-saving environmental protection is new all the time the direction of research and development that flying electric equipment comes to for years. Give domestic head home to achieve international from development the Europe of banner level can effect A is super and energy-saving freezer, urge the energy-saving step of entire industry, to have the honor to win ” of award of U.N. “ energy-saving progress, obtain thereby praise “ internationalization is energy-saving expert ” , fly newly to exert oneself on the road of research and development of energy-saving home appliance all the time enterprising. Fly to electric equipment and university of traffic of Xi'an of hundred years school newly 2007 to spread out comprehensive collaboration, established “ to fly newly jointly Xi'an hands in ” of institute of old energy-saving technique, the scientific research actual strength of college of have the aid of will be the vitality with the new infuse of energy-saving technology research and development of oneself. Current, postdoctoral when building freezer to had become what fly newly to undertake forever.
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