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The expert reminds fresh and vegetable Cang Bing box is unfavorable more than 3

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Accelerate as life rhythm, a lot of office worker often are taken the advantage of rest on the weekend undertake be purchasinged greatly, buy vegetable of a week especially after answering, deposit the to in an attempt to in freezer to go to the lavatory, the vegetable that little imagine ate this kind to deposit a few days is breakneck, the expert suggests to remind, fresh vegetable should not exceed 3 days in the storage life inside freezer, go against otherwise healthy.

The expert suggests to remind, store for long in freezer vegetable is breakneck, and the nitric acid salt that danger also comes from vegetable itself to contain more, because itself of nitric acid salt is avirulent, be in however deposit after period of time, as a result of enzymatic the action with the bacterium, nitric acid salt by reductive into nitrite, nitrite is a kind of toxic substance, it is inside human body with albumen kind material is united in wedlock, can generate the nitrite that sends cancerous sex by force kind material.

Store vegetable can produce harmful material not only, and the loss that can produce nutriment. The experiment proves, store in the house of 30 ℃ 24 hours, the vitamin C in greenery vegetable is almost all loss, and the content of nitrite rose a few times.

So, fresh vegetable should not exceed 3 days in the storage life inside freezer. Always had sent be soiled of yellow, wilting, water to change, the vegetable that begins decay does not want edible, lest affect,arrive healthy.

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