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Two big " secret ability " teach you how to choose last freezer

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Buy refrigerator, must buy last freezer, this has become the consensus of a lot of consumer. But, what kind of freezer lasts is the technology the best, most healthy? This depends on the freezer of different brand innovates in science and technology the breakthrough of the respect. When consumer is choosing freezer, should do from proceed with of which a few functions make an on-the-spot investigation, reporter of Changjiang Delta times passes the expert learn from sb else's experience to expert scholar and home appliance industry, acquired ” of following ability of secret of “ of a few action.
Above all, want to research the refrigeration circulatory system of freezer. Though refrigerant with the fundamental application that lasting is freezer, but of different freezer last principle and technique are different, its reflect the effect that give to also be met truly far apart is discrepant. E.g. , the speed of refrigeration, right the parameter such as temperature pilot accuracy and refrigeration uniformity, little difference is met to lasting the effect produces very big effect. From the point of the product that sells on the market at present, most common last the technology includes 360 degrees of stereo circulatory system and intelligence to change conservatory.

Put 360 degrees of of box stereo circulatory system on the ice to be to opening the door with LG rich and powerful family exemple, it uses the global patent technology with particular LG, apply all-around air conditioning circulatory system captured the industry difficult problem with inhomogenous temperature of high capacity freezer, realized whole even refrigeration. Carry this kind of kind, the integral difference in temperature of interior of high capacity freezer can be controlled in 1.2 ℃ . Under photograph comparing, on market a lot of freezer, because appear easily,air conditioning is broken flow or air current is not equal phenomenon, difference in temperature is as high as 2.9 ℃ possibly even. The advantage of even refrigeration depends on, the whole that controlling food store completely is exterior environment while, food differs inside freezer won't the cold heat because of oneself not all, and cannot achieve lasted result. 360 degrees of stereo circulatory system are over original refrigeration system, increased safe left send wind to prevent air conditioning to break shed a phenomenon, give wind even, rapid fast, make the temperature inside freezer keeps balanced from beginning to end, extend the time that food lasts thereby. Because its air current moves,pervade each corners, won't appear consequently the blind angle that air conditioning arrives at hard, the person that use door of a cupboard, can experience the pure and fresh breath that comes to blow on the face.

Next, consumer pays close attention to the insurance function of freezer, see integrated technology more even. The expert points out, raise freezer last function, the control on temperature is one of crucial points only. Last those who regard freezer as anticorrosive function deepen a function, want to come true to last truly, must use last integratedly technology, solve the compatibility between each function and balanced sex, obtain a dominant position complementary, and its essence or the breakthrough that come from a technology to go up.
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