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Freezer of air conditioning suddenly turn hostile is magic home appliance loves

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Spring scenery is gorgeous, more than girls love beauty, connect all along frosty home appliance, also fell in love with beauty this year, reveal the distinctive glamour of home appliance to us.

Air conditioning suddenly turn hostile

Love beautiful heart, the person all has, air conditioning is not exceptional also. Today one of summerly trends, show to go up in the fashionable emotional appeal of air conditioning product with respect to body. After the series product that rolls out ” of “ esthetician report from LG, changed the white with machine-made air conditioning, gray, the exterior that lets air conditioning also becomes much appearance is colorful. The most special is LGLP-A7221DPT, its photograph broadcasts a function, got ” of album of electron of true colour of ———“ of a small byname even.

It can broadcast memory at among them individuation photograph, condition of the foolish when husband fishs but the appearance of Ju, when the child speaks, prattle learn the expression of language, can get on indication screen most true show. The birthday or wedding anniversary in the day ——— mother that has special sense, indication screen still can broadcast song or speech reminds, full of humour and wit is not broken again practical. Of the photograph upload simple also, through USB interface or SD card adds a picture by oneself, with respect to the picture that can run oneself easily. And the three-dimensional and stereo system sending wind of LG air conditioning, can at the same time from air conditioning above give wind with two flank, increased to give the area of blast tuyere greatly, those who achieve the fastest, farthermost distance send wind.

Freezer is magic

Freezer, must buy last freezer, this has become the consensus of a lot of consumer. But, what kind of freezer lasts is the technology the most healthy? This depends on the freezer of different brand innovates in science and technology the breakthrough of the respect. Put 360 degrees of of box stereo circulatory system on the ice to be to opening the door with LG rich and powerful family exemple, it uses the global patent technology with particular LG, apply all-around air conditioning circulatory system captured the difficult problem with inhomogenous temperature of high capacity freezer. Carry this kind of kind, the integral difference in temperature of interior of high capacity freezer can be controlled in 1.2 ℃ . And the “ with particular LG is magic last box ” technology, have water to divide two-way adjustment function, be absorbed can timelily or release lunt, maintain fruit vegetables room moisture equilibrium, utmost ground is lengthened last period.

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