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Shandong brand home appliance rises in price surely time

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International iron ore rose in price recently drive domestic steel products to raise price considerably, affected price of white home appliance then.

The reporter visits beauty of triplex, country, Su Ning 3 everybody report sells an understanding to arrive, price of model of part of series of sea Er freezer already went up tone, extent is in 5% to 10% between. Professional personage thinks, sea Er is the bibcock enterprise of domestic production freezer and family expenses air conditioning, price action is moved on its go ahead of the rest, be brand of home appliance of domestic other white rise in price extent provided reference. Beautiful freezer guides the member that buy says, because rolled steel price already rose considerably recently, beautiful freezer will move price on April 1, the specific extent that move price should await company advice-note. Freezer of beautiful water chestnut guides the member that buy also expresses, tone price already was become on finality, predict to implement new price since April 10, particular value is decided by the company. The sea that did not rise in price all the time believes freezer series, also have the plan that rose in price after the middle ten days of a month in April. Return some home appliance brands to express, although do not go up,move price, original sales promotion extent also is met shrink, be equivalent to coverting rise in price. Personage of know the inside story discloses, sale busy season comes gradually, the price that also is home appliance of white of part of the attune on the businessman offerred chance.

The reporter sells in see, xi Menzi at present sales promotion price is washing machine of 5.2 litres of platen 3590 yuan. The selling manager expresses, the likelihood inside a week of this washing machine should renew 3840 yuan cost price, 51 ” around wants “ to be moved on the redo on 3840 yuan of foundations. A member that sell the washing machine ministry of field quoted price also tells a reporter, the quotation in his hand has change everyday almost, basically be to go up move the price. In the brand of white home appliance that the reporter enquires, outside expressing to had not received the specific announcement of manufacturer except cygnet, small duck, other businessman expresses, limits of the attune on the price is confined to the batch of replenish onr's stock after rising in price, inventory goods still implements the price before rising in price.

The product should rise in price, how to protect the market to have rate? Reporter discovery, many brands played banner of ” of “ support value, the client should shift to an earlier date only pay is regular subscription, agree with the businessman specific buy date, can enjoy the price when booking, thereby avoid rises in price brought risk. One brand selling manager says, means of this kind of sales promotion very get consumer reception, offsetted basically rise in price expect brought impact.
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