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The expert reminds you: Freezer sticks a wall will report of much waste time 20%

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“ freezer the reverse side and metope put apart are certain and interstitial, clingier than freezer metope everyday energy-saving 20%” ; “ report rice cooker cooks, replace cold water with hot water, energy-saving 30%”…… these energy-saving small doohickey are “ Shaanxi province the most absorbing content in ” of exhibition of popular science of the energy-saving conduct propaganda that decrease a platoon. It is reported, this the exhibition arrives 27 days from 25 days every sky midday 9 when to afternoon 5 when open freely to the citizen.

Yesterday morning, publicize division of ministry, province by provincial Party committee assist
The “ Shaanxi that sponsors jointly saves popular science of the energy-saving conduct propaganda that decrease a platoon to exhibit ” to kick off in exhibition hall of province library first floor. The exhibition distributes a share, introduced the current situation of global the sources of energy, environment with straightaway character, chart and photograph, our country and my province are in energy-saving decrease the platoon, work that improves environmental field place to do to wait.

A lot of people introduce “ to wait for ” of functional bad news in exhibit board before halted a footstep. “ wiring is in bide one's time report of the bad news below condition switchs on the mobile phone for its commonly of power 10% the left and right sides, it is about 5 differ to 15 tile, of big screen color television bide one's time bad news can be top can amount to 21 tile. TV, air conditioning, acoustics, computer, water water heater of machine, report awaits functional bad news to add in, be equivalent to opening a …… of 30 long bright lamp to 50 tile to see TV and DVD, should unplug power source cuts off the power thoroughly. If countrywide everybody can hold to this petty action, compared with the report that presses next remote controllers to want every year to save 18 billion kilowatt hour only, be equivalent to nuclear power plant of 3 Daya Bay year the summation of electricenergy production. ” sees these can'ting help that open when people big eye. “ bides his time so bad news report is so fierce ah, I go back can want to arouse family cannot again so did. Aunt of ” citizen Zhao sighs with emotion.

The reporter understands, at present home appliance bides his time the phenomenon is very common, of urban family bide one's time bad news report has taken total power consumption of excellent front courtyard 10% the left and right sides, be ignored by a lot of family place however. Because this expert suggests, do not make home appliance is in as far as possible bide one's time condition, home appliance need not when want conveniently to shut power source, eliminate all hidden danger.

In addition, the conduit drop in the family leaks 10 days, can waste a ton of water; Batteries of a button is sodden in the ground, can pollute 600 thousand litres water, make the land of 1 square metre is lost use value …… these data are reminding people, you a slight action causes terrible consequence possibly.
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