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Business of white power plant considers 2 times rising in price

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Afterwards is in at the beginning of this year March the brand such as Er of world of Xi Menzi, rich, sea is driven, after home appliance of domestic whole white rises in price, refrigerator washing machine is faced with carry valence agitation again.

Reporter yesterday (on April 2, 2008) Cong Suning learns, below the pine, the joint-stock brand such as Yilaikesi get on the 2nd tone price, relevant announcement has been sent to Su Ning, other brand also is in consider raising price again. Each brand carries price range this to be about between 5%-10% . Nevertheless, shanghai nation beautiful field expressed to the reporter yesterday, have not receive what home of white power plant asks to rise in price again to open case.

Su Ning expresses about chief, began March, brand of major white home appliance differs to extent increases retail price or reduce the investment of resource of sales promotion activity, adjust range with the brand such as world of Er of Xi Menzi, sea, rich among them the biggest, what and the near future does not eliminate continue to rise in price is likely. Advanced one phase rises in price by what old brand of partial white report instigates in disturbance, although appeared of manufacturer volume type of build or figure answer, but go up differ, stem from the consideration of pair of market share, a lot of brands go up lesser. In resource of raw material, manpower high cost pressure and RMB appreciate wait for element stimulation to fall, manufacturer has considered the 2nd times rising in price.

Disclose according to this controller, bencibai moves the price on lubricious home appliance, basically rise in price by early days extent lesser or the brand place that did not rise in price is caused, if the pine issues washing machine to move price last time,be only 3% , this second attune price is increased again on present price foundation 10% the left and right sides; Yilaikesi carries valence 3-5% to control last time, this second increase again on present price foundation make an appointment with 6%-7% . In addition, the LG ice that early days did not rise in price is washed 5%-7% will be moved on the price.

Raise price to the 2nd of white home appliance, the personage states the near future won't be too great to consumer influence related Su Ning electric equipment. Su Ning washed each brand manufacturer to reach the dimensions of nearly 3 billion to purchase with ice before year, can satisfy countrywide market 3, 4, in May the main demand of the market. Rise in price centrally to manufacturer advocate sell model or taste type newly, on one hand Su Ning has been in of early days in purchasing a plan, rose custom-built have exclusive selling rights scale, increase the specified amount that large sheet purchases to spend, ensure brunt type kept away from to rise in price wet. Additional, su Ning is answered " People's Republic of China is managing energy law " , limits of the whole nation since April 4 throws the resource key of 100 million to develop energy-saving allowance activity, consumer buys energy-saving type to be able to enjoy Su Ning 100-500 yuan the only station that differ is subsidized, restrained effectively rise in price.
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