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Freezer uses 10 device opportunely

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1, ripe egg puts freezer to deposit moment to be cut again, yoke won't be broken.

2, freezer compartment is put 2 hours after ripe chestnut is cooling, can pare quickly, the flesh is complete.

3, the freezer compartment of reentry of the refrigeration after boiling such as gram, soya bean, red bean 2 hours, take out boil again can boil quickly sodden.

4, onion, pointed any of several hot spice plants after putting freezer compartment 1 hour, cut again, the person won't fume an eye to weep.

5, biscuit of be affected with damp be affected with damp enters freezer compartment 24 hours, recoverable sweet fragile.

6, the clothings of sweet candy of sticky able to read aloud fluently puts freezer compartment, treat chewing gum fragile hard hind, use fingernail to be able to come off gently.

7, wetted book puts freezer compartment 2 days, recoverable original state.

8, the candle puts freezer compartment to exceed 24 hours, candle won't drip when igniting.

9, catch hair things meets high temperature be no longer in force or become angry, enter freezer to be able to not deteriorate.

10, the soap of bate puts freezer recoverable hardness.

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