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Freezer and computer are energy-saving skill encyclopedia

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Skill one: The ice cube that has frozen in freezer freezer compartment is put in cold storage room temperature to accuse implement around, can reduce freezer to start a time.

Skill 2: Blow a paper strip for sealing of ageing metabolic freezer heat with hair dryer, new strike rises after made be heated, report is omited when dew wind is being compared of course after freezer door involves close.

Skill 3: Consumer should put freezer in environmental temperature low and gouty and good place, want to be far from heat source, prevent sun point-blank. Or so two side and back should wear the top when putting freezer have suitable space, heat up at coming loose with benefit.

Skill 4: When accessing food at ordinary times, decrease as far as possible open the door frequency and open the door time. Because open door cold air diffuse, compressor is about to run ten minutes several more, ability restores to refrigerate temperature.

Skill 5: Hot food should cool after be close to room temperature, ability is put into freezer inside. Because heat up food to contain quantity of heat tall, can make the temperature inside freezer rises quickly, still can increase ply of evaporator surface frost, bring about compressor working hours to grow, increase power consumption.

Skill 6: The water such as fruit, vegetable distributes more food, should after abluent drop works, good with polybag bag put freezer, lest moisture evaporates,add thick frost layer, shorten defrost time, managing electric energy.

Skill 7: Freezer deposits food to want right amount. Do not want to be tightened too too much, affect convection of the airy inside freezer, food comes loose hot difficulty, the influence lasts the effect, increase compressor working hours, make bad news report increases.

Skill 8: The summertime ice cube that make and cold drink should be arranged in evening. Evening air temperature is inferior, be helpful for condenser coming loose hot, and nightly open the door lesser access food, compressor working hours is shorter, managing electric energy.

Skill 9: Non-automati the freezer of defrost, the frost layer that goes up when evaporator is amounted to 4 - when 6 millimeter, should seasonable defrost. The dirt on condenser, radiating tube should keep clear of in time.

Skill 10: Can put inside safe beforehand before refrigerant food edible slowly defrost, can use the Leng Nengli of defrost so.

Skill 11: The 80 % that food places a quantity to be freezer cubage about are advisable. Congener food is divided into packet outfit to deposit.

Skill 12: When provision is too little, can fill water to be put into the aspic inside freezer compartment to become ice cube with a few plastic boxes, put safe regularly next inside. Put because of the lay aside inside freezer when provision is too little, as a result of thermal capacity decrescent, compressor leaves stop time to shorten, cause power consumption of freezer accumulative total to increase.
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