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Freezer sells skill

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Who drove freezer to upgrade

Demand, of relay of field and one technology upgrade contest
The freezer cold storage from the tradition, refrigerant function, development arrives market intelligence, accurate partition, energy-saving, environmental protection, antiseptic, last the intelligent deposit system that waits to be perfected with each passing day, the connotation of freezer had produced qualitative leap. The promotion of each function technology has the relay that consumes demand rear. More deep-seated demand was spurred again after every time upgrades.

For instance, classified deposit is ecbolic much more lukewarm area, and consume demand pull move, much more lukewarm division developed accurate partition. Be like again, stem from pair of healthy pursuit, consumer is called antiseptic, last, and after the basic function that becomes freezer when this one function is configured, demand put forward to healthy technology again antiseptic efficiency and last spent requirement. Can so say, in the relay that upgrades in demand and technology, demand spurred technical development, in the meantime, also promoted the land of enterprise high speed that values consumptive demand to grow. Fly newly even if be good at changing the requirement of consumer into the example of productivity.

Innovate, flying source motivation

Should between implementation requirement and product change, innovation of research and development becomes Chongzhongzhi to weigh. Next notting hesitate fly newly in research and development to weigh gold, throw on 100 million yuan capital every year to be used at the new product development of content of high end, high-tech, invested to build the most advanced Cad workstation on the world, laser to shape gigantic the center, build center of national level technology.

According to statistic, fly newly 2003 to already filed national patent 178 cases, 2004 patent application 188, 2005 patent application 106. End at present, fly newly to file national patent 540 cases in all, win accredit patent 450 cases. Patent executive rate is 43% , large quantities of one technology patent are able to carry out in new product, be like freezer of series of ” of king of double coronal of patent product “ .

Innovation has been been fly newly the technology of the product upgrades infuse in a steady stream flies ceaselessly motivation, innovation also develops infuse to what fly to an enterprise newly vigor. Fly newly to had become industry of our country freezer to taste development speed newly at present one of enterprises with most breed of the fastest, product. Xin Feibing box from successive before 10 years of sales volume 3 before jumping house industry 3 years by force continuously already two strong, become the person above average of domestic freezer industry.

Upgrade, who pushed freezer again

Regard the symbol of Chinese freezer as the brand, fly newly the freezer of double coronal king that roll out, depend on energy-saving, antiseptic double effect, become the ” of king of “ double coronal of freezer domain without doubt, become the lead person of tendency of the market. 2006, fly to a company newly to pass farther technology conformity, at “ during 51 ” golden week roll out the super double Guan Wangbing with energy-saving, antiseptic more advanced technology ceremoniously box, bring more expectation for consumer.
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