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Skill of freezer section report

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When wanting to accomplish freezer section report, be about to notice when the choose and buy, buy have " energy-saving mark " freezer product. Choose the freezer with tall efficiency, the efficiency of freezer with can
Source factor is worth (EF, ENERGY FACTOR) will express, the unit is: Liter / degree / the cubage bulk that the month spends 1 degree of report every months to be able to be used namely, EF cost omits report high more more. With
A few is there to also be needed below notable, this often is ignored by people place, but having crucial effect to the section report of freezer.
One, freezer sets a location:
Freezer should be placed in shady and cool and ventilated place, should prevent sun point-blank or stand by the heat source such as cooking range, must drafty, condenser comes loose easily hot, ability promotes freezer locomotive efficiency
. Freezer should device is on the floor of solid evenness, want to adjust horse height at the same time, make the front tallish, avoid the door to close incompact and wasteful electric energy. Freezer the reverse side leaves wall at least 10 centimeter, flank is reached to maintain the space of 30 centimeter at least above, come loose in order to rise hot effect and locomotive efficiency. Want to often maintain freezer back cleanness at the same time, because the exterior dirt of condenser and compressor is met,the influence comes loose hot effect.
2, freezer door:
Freezer door often should keep airtight, when gasket of a crack between a door and its frame damages, answer instantly repair, otherwise power consumption can increase 5~15% . Reduce freezer to open the door as far as possible frequency and open the door time, be not the freezer that do not have frost to still should time defrost, remove dust to condenser regularly, lest affect refrigeration result, waste electric energy. If come 1 minute with opening freezer door time half minutes every time plan, the temperature inside freezer regains microtherm position, compressor is about to run 5 minutes, power consumption 0.008 kilowatt hour. Should reduce box door to leave so close a number, shorten the time that opens the door every time.
3, placement food
General food lasts the effect is in 8 to 10 Celsius optimal. The food that places inside freezer cannot pass completely too close, lest cut off,cold air current is connected, cause freezer not refrigeration or bear are overweight. The reserves of freezer with 8 minutes full advisable. The gap that has 10 millimeter above should leave between food and casing, with convection of the cold air inside benefit box, make the temperature inside box is stabilized equably, reduce bad news report. Contrary,
Also should not be inside freezer aerospace, if the food inside freezer can cause air conditioning be lost too less. Freezer is put again after room temperature reaching after hot food should wait for his to cool; Avoid to waste electric energy. Make refrigerant food should use cold boiled water, avoid uses hot boiled water, had better be in nightly put freezer, because nightly environment temperature is low. Prepare the refrigerant food of edible, want to shift to an earlier date to melt slowly in safe, can drop safe temperature so, economic electric energy is used up.
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