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Little skill of clean kitchen freezer

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New Year was gotten on for, the kitchen that gives oneself does comprehensive cleanness, how had cleared oneself freezer, make its clean and neat longer and durable. A few kinds of small doohickey teach everybody!

1. On the sealing strip on freezer door microbial amount to ten kinds, existence of this a bit biologic, bring about people sicken very easily. Its clear best method is: The dry cloth that passes with alcohol dip wipes sealing strip, the effect is optimal.

2. The peculiar smell inside purify freezer. Freezer use time grows to was not accomplished again too clear in time, can appear unpleasant peculiar smell, as a result of,this is of all sorts of article inside freezer mix outfit cause. Want complete purify peculiar smell, should accomplish as far as possible along with buy along with eat, the goods store time inside freezer does not grow too. Time of keep in storage is too long, what affect provision already is delicious easy generation peculiar smell. Accordingly, goods store had better not exceed a month.

3. Often clear the leftover inside freezer. Put inside the freezer safe that can say every family have ort leftover, this makes the article inside freezer strings together flavour easily on one hand; On the other hand safe is not asepsis room, ort leftover gets very easily of all sorts of bacteria erode. Accordingly, the ort leftover inside freezer should as soon as possible edible, ten million is asked to want to heat before edible.

How to use refrigerator correctly

1. Before use freezer, answer to read a manual in detail. New the freezer after buy or be being carried, ying Jing buy machine of the 2 reopen after coming 6 hours, lest oil path breakdown. Before using, advanced travel 2 move to electrify of 6 hours of empty eontainers, if refrigeration effect is good, fang Kecun puts food. Below accident circumstance, just stopped machine hind to cannot be started instantly, need to await above 5 minutes, lest burn out compressor.

2. Freezer flavour is big, after use period of time, interior should be cleaned, lest stockpile contamination, cause a bacterium. Dump wants before cleaning, clean an agent to rinse with tableware, after washing, be wiped clean or air. Dredge is cleared next conduit contamination. Use tea or suck flavour agent to be put smell is inhaled inside box.

The dirt of fixed and cleared condenser and compressor surface, lest keep machine, do not amount to lukewarm. Can be brushed with down or cleaner clears, gush of not usable water drenchs rinse, also cannot add dust cover. Freezer does not stop machine or place for a long time need not, cause a bacterium easily otherwise, bring about be out of shape, generation is lubricant and undesirable, corrode wait for blemish, affect freezer service life. Stop because of special account machine should weekly electrify moves 6 to 8 hours.
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