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How does the user repair the problem that freezer place exists by oneself

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How can freezer user repair freezer door to involve the issue that does not come by oneself?

Answer: Repaired method actually very simple, simply unplugs the power source outlet of next freezer, open freezer door, with hair dryer even ground heats the glue that aperture is in, the edge heats to straighten plastic with the hand by the side of, after treating cooling setting, fostered cordial relations between states.

The freezer when power cut should how heat preservation?

Answer: Encounter power cut, the user should not leave as far as possible or open box door less. If know power cut beforehand, or daily by day power cut, can be in when having report, will lukewarm accuse implement move microtherm dot or strong cold point, make sufficient refrigeration is lengthened inside box medicinal powder hot time. Also can make a large number of ice cube in freezer compartment, safe is placed when power cut, in order to drops temperature.

Common freezer (cold ark) why cannot deposit the other goods such as medicines and chemical reagents, vaccine?

Answer: Freezer (cold ark) store as a food box, national level is the environment in correspondence of its climate type to the temperature requirement of its safe, inside temperature limits, undertake detecting according to national level, the safe temperature of requirement freezer can be controlled in 0~10 ℃ , this means:

1, the effect that the temperature of freezer safe suffers an environment, if environmental temperature exceeded its suitable scope, the temperature of freezer safe exceeds 0~10 ℃ likely.

2, lukewarm accuse implement have a lot of grade, adjust in different archives when, the temperature inside freezer safe also can produce change, so if archives adjust improper, cold storage temperature exceeds the range of 0~10 ℃ likely also, can not assure every archives can make freezer safe temperature is inside 0~10 ℃ limits, in certain archives the range that may exceed 0~10 ℃ .

3, the use of the user also can affect cold storage temperature, if open the door,wait often to also can cause the temperature inside safe to rise. And store vaccinally temperature should be more constant, because this stores to its,the requirement of device also should be the constant temperature box with very small adjusting range, is not freezer this kind of family expenses is implemental. Store additionally the special appliance of special article also should compare family expenses appliance to the requirement of its dependability tall. Family expenses appliance is to store of food, to its because of this state level dependability does not have a requirement, devise takes to assure dependability step without the requirement, but the demand that the special appliance of special to storing provision must have this side, accordingly, common freezer (cold ark) the requirement from national level, the habits and customs of people and temperature and dependability demand will tell, do not suit to deposit medical article, is a family expenses only store the appliance of food. Deposit the other goods such as medicines and chemical reagents, vaccine to choose appropriative storage equipment please so.
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