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Freezer saves electric skill

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The power consumption cent of freezer is rated power consumption and real power consumption, the power consumption on freezer nameplate is rated power consumption, it is in the environment temperature is 25 ℃ , freezer is in stable moving condition, run the electric energy of place bad news 24 hours. Have reasonable use freezer only, ability reduces real power consumption effectively. The method of report of a few kinds of sections introduces below:

(1) freezer should be put in environmental temperature low, and the place with ventilated good condition, want to be far from heat source, prevent sun point-blank, and put when or so two side and back should wear freezer top have suitable space, heat up at coming loose with benefit.

(When 2) is taking matter of suffer form indigestion, should decrease as far as possible open the door frequency and open the door time, because want to open escape of freezer cold air easily only, compressor has to run ten minutes several more, ability restores to refrigerate temperature,

(3) is forbidden will hot food is put into freezer inside, because, hot food contains quantity of heat taller, after be being put into freezer, will make the temperature inside box rises quickly, increase ply of evaporator surface frost at the same time, compressor working hours is too long, power consumption increases.

(The food that 4) freezer deposits wants right amount, had not wanted to be tightened too completely, affect convection of the airy inside box, food comes loose hot difficulty, influence alimental lasts the effect, increase compressor working hours at the same time, make bad news report increases.

(The water such as 5) vegetable, fruit distributes more food, should abluent drop works, good with polybag bag put freezer, cent evaporates and add thick frost layer in order to reduce water, shorten defrost time, managing electric energy.

(The 6) ice cube that make and cold drink should be arranged as far as possible in evening, because evening air temperature is inferior, be helpful for condenser coming loose hot, in the meantime, nightly do not open the door take put food, compressor working hours is short.

(7) fixed defrost and cleared condenser and casing surface are grey, the absorption of heat that assures evaporator and condenser and medicinal powder hot performance is good, shorten compressor working hours, managing electric energy.

(8) falls in the premise that assures food quality, change according to season, food sort and amount how many, reasonable adjust temperature controller, make freezer often is in optimal job status.

(When 9) power cut, decrease please open the door frequency, do not go to again as far as possible in put food, in order to reduce cold quantity be lost.

(10) every time environmental temperature prep above 10 ℃ (have a plenty of 16 ℃ ) when, winter is compensated (section phone switch) must put out, prevent to increase switch on the mobile phone time is mixed stay a time, cause needless consumption.
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