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Freezer protects suffer form indigestion to taste 6 attentions

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Microtherm can be restrained those who cause food putrefaction is microbial grow to breed and reduce enzymatic active, but general freezer does not have antiseptic disinfection function, and a lot of microbial have be able to bear or endure the characteristic of microtherm. In using a process, many users had cleaned freezer seriously rarely, more had not undertaken alexipharmic handling, freezer fails to remove very good food to last not only, anticorrosive action, become the potential hidden danger of bromatoxism extremely easily instead. Accordingly, should notice when use freezer saves food the following at 6 o'clock:

1. Want to maintain sanitation of the cleanness inside freezer. Do not have food residual, flavour of as good as, different is smelly.

2. Want to master food to deposit time. Best can get on the time bid that puts in the outer packing that deposits food, avoid by all means is deposited for a long time.

3. Fruit of tropics of vegetable, blame can be refrigerated commonly deposit two days to reach two weeks or so, fresh fish, fresh pork stores up in freezer compartment with the time inside 100 days advisable, if fish is refrigerant,exceed 100 days of above, although still but normal edible, but make piscine surface produces oxidation hair to fizzle out easily, flavour and nutrition become poor.

4. The easiest metamorphism such as bright milk, ripe flesh, bean products, deposit in safe do not want to exceed 48 hours commonly had better.

5. When unripe ripe food is deposited, had better part, ripe food is put in the superstratum of safe, unripe food is put below, apply last paper has been packed, avoid to cause across of unripe ripe food to pollute.

6. Freezer wall should undertake cleaning regularly, put the framework of food especially, want to often be swabbed clean and be disinfected.

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