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Overmuch reason mixes freezer seeper how to eliminate

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Freezer is in use process, besides the icy water that there is certain amount except dirty inside box, not due seeper: The cleanness that goes up to also should keep opposite with the ground all round casing outside box and dry, not due seeper. Go up with the ground inside box when having water, not only the influence is beautiful, food store and refrigeration effect, still have the possibility that makes attaint of insulation of electric equipment part produces risk. Pass with the seeper on the ground inside box much, basically have the following reasons:
Inside ⑴ drip tray replete already water, spill over flow to the ground, make there is seeper on the ground all round casing.
The seeper inside the evaporator of ministry of ⑵ one's store of valuables is overmuch, and flow to the ground.
⑶ presses water dish or evaporator was not put the position, slant, inclined or did not put reach the designated position, and make current goes out.
⑷ drip tray or evaporator because quality is bad, suffer microtherm (point to drip tray) , high temperature (point to evaporator) ageing craze perhaps is hit to put broken slack.
⑸ catchment conduit is jammed, cannot guide the water after changing frost inside drip tray and evaporator, and flow into inside.
⑹ box memory enters the food with much water content, be like the flesh of chunk, not the melon and fruit of drop clean water, vegetable.
Device of the prevent frostbite of ⑺ freezer, defrost damages, damp season, hot air condenses into dew in all around appearance inside box door and flow into underground. Be aimed at above circumstance, the person that use should analyse a reason, try to eliminate, specific means is as follows:

seeper dish water falls in time.
Pour the seeper inside evaporator in time.
Put drip tray and evaporator the position, make the water inside box flows into drip tray and evaporator well and truly inside.
Repair good cracked drip tray and evaporator, to what cannot repair, should change new.
Current drainpipe. User cannot when oneself are handled, can ask professional to solve.
After the water drop that gets on food works, deposit box again inside, or stock with in bags.

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