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Freezer need not when how should maintain

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Some domestic winters when having a natural refrigeratory (the balcony) , how I say everybody wants to laugh is! But, what I say is a fact. That appearance is in my home so, next freezer was used rarely. Winter? Spent the New Year quickly also at that time, bought thing is more, freezer very small outfit does not fall, as it happens gets a place completely.

If freezer need not how to do, you are afraid that his spare time is bad again, then I teach you how to maintain now need not the freezer when! Unused freezer should notice the following:

1, unplug the power source outlet of freezer come down, next freezer in so thing completely do. Open freezer door those who await frost to melt, defrost notices not to want sharp weapon please, evaporator is aluminous those who make is easy ampling leakage. The rag that using clean freezer from in the wipe up outside arriving. Scarcely can have water.

2, freezer need not when it is good that the door seals the thing that should use paper or other to fill up, will prevent door a paper strip for sealing and casing adhesion; If preparation is long need not, can go up in door a paper strip for sealing Tu Xie pulverized limestone went.

3, will lukewarm accuse implement adjust park “0” or it is “ stops ” or “Max” (strong cold point) , make lukewarm accuse implement inside the natural state since flexibility, prolong its service life.

4, mobile freezer when establish parallel shift not to tilt please please, prevent compressor to pull a crock. Put in ventilated and dry place, avoid sunshine to be basked in continuously.

5, the refrigeration agent freezing point because of freezer is very low, because this need not worry about it,can freeze and put freezer in temperature to call tall place to had been compared.

6, everybody thinks freezer I need not, you may have how is a kind of idea: I look for hood of a plastic bag to prevent it to fall earth, you are then off base. The water of certain amount is contained in indoor air, because this does not use polybag to overspread freezer please, the moisture that freezer absorbs sends out not easily, meet those who cause electric equipment cell corrode thereby with attaint metal component on the reason that rust waits a moment.

7, if conditional best every month gives last time report, so that compressor runs half hours to be in to a hour hind normally,shut, make compressor warm-up.

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