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Freezer door appears askew, sink

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Because freezer door assembles quality, axis to sell wear away or box door bottle is worn deposit food bolt of overweight, hinge becomes loose, the reason such as fixed head shift, door of meeting generation box is askew, sink, close not to come, the appearance that leakage heat raises.
To only door freezer, can open the door, twist with bottle opener go tightening solid screw, pull afresh fixed head position, screw again bolt. To double door freezer, should twist 3 bolt of doorcase of freezer upper part first piece, pull plastic stage face plate. Again the bolt that to turn on secures wicket to use, freezer of the door that use sheet repairs a method to undertake. The gate repairs a method as much.
If the axis is sold,cover wear away, it is appropriate newlier in order to exchange. If do not have a spare parts, what can sell the mat in covering to enter proper ply in former axis is small plastic piece. Operation measure is: Tear open first go plastic stage face plate, loosen next the bolt of shown fixed hinge, debus door body, take out an axis to sell set, those who put certain ply is small plastic piece, load box door afresh, via adjusting the distance between the door and casing, make magnetic door a paper strip for sealing and casing doorcase all around suck after combining rigor, screw hinge secures bolt again.

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