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One citizen invents freezer section report to be enrolled newly

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The neat gentleman that lives in dynamical division is an inspector, young when should cross electrician, the electric equipment in the home gave indisposition is he is repaired. This summer, his home freezer gave trouble, he starts work with respect to oneself repair. In repaired process, he considers all the time how can let freezer section report. Through the careful research to every component, he found the small key of freezer section report eventually. He wraps the drop water funnel of freezer to go up with posse cotton, wrap up its with drawstring or adhesive plaster next. Can prevent cold hot direct communication so, achieve the goal of section report thereby. The contrast that compares through stopping to freezer carry calculates discovery, before was not being transformed, this freezer power consumption of a day is 0.56 degrees, the power consumption of a day after the course is transformed turns into 0.51 degrees, reduced 0.05 degrees of report.

Subsequently, he gives two key through carrying out summary again: The first, freezer is in refrigeration process, the food inside box sends out the moisture in the lunt that go out and air, can condense into frost in the surface of freezer compartment. Frost layer can affect the refrigeration ability of freezer compartment, increase the power consumption of freezer thereby. When the ply of the austerity inside freezer compartment achieves 10 millimeter, freezer will increase the power consumption that 1/3 controls than normal circumstance. Accordingly, should give freezer in time defrost. Next, the average temperature with indoor freezer is 4 to 6 ℃ . If be in freezer compartment is refrigerant food while make a few ice cube, good with container outfit made ice cube put safe inside, can reduce the starting time of freezer compressor, achieve section report goal. Same argument, can shift to an earlier date the provision that defrost wants inside freezer compartment one day to be taken out, put the defrost inside safe, can drop the temperature inside safe so.

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