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Freezer maintains note

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1, should undertake cleanness to freezer regularly (annual at least 2) . When clean freezer first dump, dip in with soft cloth on clear water or tableware wash clean essence, swab gently, dip in next clear water will wash clean essence wipe.

2, inside layer of the Tu Fu outside damaging box to prevent and box plastic spare parts, do not use washing powder, household cleanser, French chalk, alkalescent scour, day please that water, boiled water, oily kind, the brush clean freezer.

3, the accessory inside box is dirty when scale, should tear open next using to rinse or wash clean essence to clean. Surface of electric spare parts applies dry cloth to wipe.

4, cleanness ends, had inserted firmly of power source outlet, examination temperature controller whether set is in proper place.

5, when freezer is not used for long, should unplug next power source outlet, will wipe clean inside box, stay case inside sufficient and dry hind, had closed box door.

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