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Summer freezer is diligent clean wipe

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Incoming telegram of reader lukewarm gentleman is mirrorred, he puts the leftover ort that does not eat into freezer cold storage, lie between a day to take the discovery when eating sometimes flavour is incorrect, the ability after he also knows tertian meal needs to heat afresh eats, but so easy also to be being put into the meal of freezer metamorphism however not quite understand.

Recently, an investigation that pollutes a circumstance about bacterium of wall of safe of family expenses freezer and fungus shows, percent of pass of safe bacterium gross is 14.29 % only, because we are frequent,this is when switch freezer door brings about the temperature inside freezer to lift, the bacterium in food can grow. Additional, ” of cold bacterium of some “ be addicted to can come in 0 ℃ live in the environment of 20 ℃ , that is to say they can grow likewise in safe progenitive.

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