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Freezer section report buys new device again (home appliance small doohickey)

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Every raise the temperature all round freezer 5 ℃ , its interior is about to increase the power consumption of 25 % . Accordingly, should place as far as possible in be far from heat source place, with ventilated and shady place had better. Open the door time wants short, if treat power failure, do not be eager to opening freezer door. Heat is fed do not put into freezer directly, when reaching room temperature, put again. Refrigerant and indoor food had better use polybag packet to pack, can very fast refrigerant, both neither easy hair works, avoid damp to become frost again; Unfavorable outfit gets provision too full, with freezer should stay between the wall have space, with benefit at air conditioning of going from place to place; Refrigerant food, best before edible designedly turns it to safe defrost.
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