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The life is little stick person: The use doohickey of family expenses small free

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Although small freezer is in,power consumption respect wants than big freezer little, but also should notice to be used correctly, gift is nicer use refrigerator, and managing electric energy, introduce for everybody below a few use the issue that should note usually.

Above all, should clear as soon as possible at ordinary times the leftover ort inside freezer. Leftover ort makes the article inside freezer strings together flavour easily on one hand; Get easily also on the other hand of all sorts of bacteria erode, because this answers as soon as possible edible, but before be sure to keep in mind edible, should heat.

Next, answer to clean freezer interior regularly, general power cut of 3 months left and right sides is cleaned. Clean content to include to change frost deice, will wipe clean inside freezer. Additional, for purify peculiar smell, can install with a small charcoal or orange skin, will citric section, scented tea put into freezer in gauze bag. Of course, want to avoid peculiar smell, best method is followed namely buy along with eat, make sure goods store time has not wanted to grow. Especially the Durian food that has special taste, had better buy with respect to dispose of, do not put in freezer. Do not put chemical in family expenses freezer especially.

The 3rd, on the sealing strip of freezer door microbial amount to ten kinds, bring about human body very easily the happening of all sorts of diseases, want to often be cleaned accordingly. Expert proposal, the Gan Buqing that can pass with alcohol dip is washed wipe sealing strip, the effect is optimal.

Additional, must not regard freezer as air-conditioner will use, opening freezer door for long, can not let indoor temperature drop, can let the food in freezer quicken metamorphism however.

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