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Sorching summer, climate is changeful. Besides the car advocate of friends drive the environment becomes abominable besides, the car also is facing more harsh travel environment in the summer, if why had taken care of oneself love car in the summer, it is broad car advocate the problem of the care. Car hairdressing nurses expert proposal car advocate people do to loving a car a few maintain specially project, and also should implement specific aim more when buying a car to be sure, in order to prevent car spontaneous combustion, become flat the pecuniary loss that waits these summertime cars a moment to break out incident to bring.

Beautiful and outer

The summer, face the intense sunshine outside the window and ultraviolet radiate, the car sticks film to appear particularly important. According to general manager of club of car of Hunan noble name Mr Zou Yixin introduces, fine sun film can stop glowing sunshine and the ultraviolet ray that injure a person outer, in have 70 % visible light penetrable rate while can cut off again infrared ray of 90 % left and right sides is delivered, for the car advocate people build give a cool and refreshing, quiet comfortable space, so, on the choice of sun film, should pay attention to safety performance of its heat insolation, pervious to light, explosion proof.

Same, the summer also is car lacquer most the season of stand the test. Outer to exposing car lacquer, the metropolis such as the sunshine of broil intense, acid rain is caused to car lacquer face corrode. Accordingly, want to notice to protect the lacquer area of good car, often wash car and wax. If want to do comprehensive and complete protection to lacquer face, expert proposal car advocate the love car that gives oneself does higher lacquer area to seal glair or lacquer face plated film to nurse project.

Cool and refreshing inside

The temperature of car interior, easy affects a vehicle directly moderately advocate drive by the mood, the refrigeration effect of air conditioning is most crucial. Last in the summer below high temperature weather, air conditioning is car abet uses one of most frequent refrigeration device, it is the Chongzhongzhi that the summer maintains and defends the work is weighed. In the meantime, as people life character rise, installation car carries freezer to already was become increasing the choice that has car a group of things with common features. No matter be of the job,still go out amuse oneself, from one bottle is taken out inside the car icy the drink that shows a heart, affirmative meeting makes popular feeling affection cheerful. If can have a comfortable and cool car cushion again, this summer, optimal summer resort is inside the car.

Besides afore-mentioned besides these cool and refreshing equipment, choose the car perfume with a few delicate odour, pure and fresh agent to wait be being put in the car also is a right choice, summer weather is torrid, drive the person's mood is easy be agitated, if use the perfume of flavour of lemon of a few such as, apple flavour on board, in encounter a car, car to appear when little trouble, can effective adjustment the person that drive and the mood of the person that take.
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