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Home appliance uses general knowledge: Summer is careful your freezer!

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Summer came, our life also cannot leave freezer again it seems that, without refrigerant food, how can this summer pass? But, you had thought, exceeding iciness can let us be overcome, because freeze,each place of the body are met and get hurt.

The food temperature that just took out from freezer freezer compartment is in - 6 ℃ are the following, but oral cavity temperature is controlled in 37 ℃ , if take food quickly, with respect to mucous membrane of can exciting oral cavity, generation dizziness, have a headache, disgusting wait for a series of symptoms.

If freezer often is not swabbed at ordinary times, in the vent of refrigerator and evaporator very easy progenitive fungus, these fungus can grow below freezer low temperature progenitive, distribute along with dust to air in, irritability constitution person with children inspiratory after this kind of air that carry bacterium, appear extremely possibly cough, bosom is painful wait for a symptom.

If eat the cold food in freezer more, gastric bowel is in after be stimulated by intense low temperature, digestive juice of gastric bowel path stops to secrete, cause physiology function from this maladjusted, cause on the abdomen is clonic the symptom such as angina and vomiting.

Although the low temperature inside freezer safe can restrain the breed of most bacterium, but cold mould of some be addicted to still can continue to grow. Still can breed in great quantities in the microtherm environment that like Ye Er bacterium of dark family name controls in 0 ℃ after can entering colon along with the food that did not heat again, can make colonic mucous membrane falls off, produce strut, cause inflammation, cause person bellyacke, diarrhoea, sickness.

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