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Raw material cost rises

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The home appliance product that becames famous in order to depreciate all along also rang recently “ goes up ” sound. The reporter understands, because raw material cost rises,wait for a reason, the price near future of the product of white home appliance such as freezer, washing machine increased sale price in succession, go up taller achieve 10% the left and right sides. Nevertheless each everybody report sells Hangzhou express, sell before the Spring Festival have activity of a lot of sales promotion, consumer buys home appliance product to still compare be to one's profit, the ability after the effect that rise in price may want a part can be reflected come out.

Before paragraph time, piece of aunt that just moved new home closing to sell greatly field valued on the west child freezer, the price at that time is 4700 yuan are controlled, after waiting for new home to be cleaned, last weekend she prepares to issue sheet, who knows to run to sell look, of this freezer mark a price when before comparing, be being valued already expensive more than 200 yuan. “ so far, the price of major white report go up moved. One home appliance sells ” Hangzhou the relevant controller of field express. Begin from this month, home of white power plant allotted in succession rise in price announcement, the foreign capital brand that is a delegate with Xi Menzi takes the lead in beginning to move price, 3~5% of the attune on the price of products of a series of white home appliance, subsequently many brands catch up with quickly also, so far, below world of Xi Menzi, rich, pine, price of the sea Er, cygnet, freezer that holds the brand such as sound, washing machine appeared of certain extent adjust, rise in price extent is about a hundred yuan commonly, adjust extent to achieve 10% above greatly.

“ begins from new year's day, the customer that we invite to want to buy issues sheet rapidly. A salesperson expresses ” Xi Menzi, arrive from new year's day the Spring Festival the fastigium that this paragraph of time is home appliance sale, the news that they know to manufacturer wants to rise in price tells the customer that comes round to shop ahead of schedule, persuade them to issue sheet as early as possible, because this paragraph of time is very much,consumer is to become illegally buy up to buy home appliance, drive before rise in price to issue sheet to be able to save many money, many clients adopted the method of the pick up the goods after prepaid money in succession.

The reporter also understands, because at present each everybody report sells Hangzhou roll out decrease completely, send completely, price difference is returned still, special purchases for the Spring Festival submits an expense account wait for sales promotion activity, consumer buys home appliance to still contrast material benefit. “ carries these sales promotion activities, the consumer before the Spring Festival buys home appliance to feel the price rose very hard. One home appliance of ” sells a relevant controller to express. Consume busy season in the light of the Spring Festival, each everybody report sells a headquarters to be able to be centered to manufacturer to purchase large quantities of one goods, can effective overwhelm the price lowest. In the meantime, at present the home appliance such as Su Ning sells also roll out a series of sales promotion in the light of white home appliance, strive for the element that will rise in price to eliminate lowest.

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