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[net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension reports 31 days] the author sold an understanding to arrive from Beijing Su Ning electric equipment recently, a model amounts to BCD-198GSR for flourish thing double open the door freezer suffers attention to spend quite tall, at present the price of this product is 3190 yuan only, interested friend can pay close attention to below.

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Flourish thing amounts to BCD-198GSR double open the door freezer

Flourish thing amounts to BCD-198GSR is the freezer with a very high and fashionable exterior, its face plate is used super- sincere of large small hole is epispastic stencil steel of dark from brilliant of intensity arc colour beautiful glass, not only beautiful and easy, and strong and durable.

The interior of freezer is used exceed illume of energy-saving LED lamplight, use efficient and energy-saving compressor at the same time, behave in quiet tone respect not only pretty good, and behave very satisfactorily in energy-saving surface, this freezer uses together with gasbag of three-layer of the casing that fold a turn people a paper strip for sealing, can save the temperature inside freezer effectively. Flourish thing amounted to BCD-198GSR to use technology of advanced accelerant of silver-colored ionic light, it is good to defy bacterium result not only, and last in alimental respect also perfectly.

The editor comments on: The total capacity of this freezer is 198 stand litre, its power consumption is 0.39 degrees only, it is a very energy-saving freezer. At present the retail prices of this freezer is 3190 yuan, be already energy-saving overflow freezer of economy, interested friend can think to Su Ning couplet bridge inn has an experience.

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