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Freezer lasts the function is about to make point of freezer new competition

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Product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce investigates what the office announces yesterday to lasted 2008 freezer tendency of the market and consumer demand investigation show, when freezer of consumer choose and buy, to lasting functional attention is spent for 68% , freezer manufacturer is hoping to be in last spread out on the function new round competition.

Current, company of freezer of have the aid of is right last the active promotion of freezer, consumer to lasting the enthusiasm of choose and buy of freezer rises apparently. Zheng Yonggong of CTO of nutrition of food of center of analyse of credit of cure of national live thing expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, compare with common freezer photograph, last freezer has certain innovation on the technology really, at present mass brand is passed much more lukewarm area and change the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the moisture in fruit of vegetable of conservatory technology slow down and nutrient composition, can lengthen vegetable and fruity greatly cold storage lasts period

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