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Antiseptic standard promulgates freezer

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As the people attention to respect of health of electric home appliancesThe newest investigation data that develops group of task of home appliance of institute of economy of research center market to release according to the State Council again shows, in affecting freezer to buy the index of the element 2006, the informant of 84.7% last as the factor that when buying refrigerator, basically considers. At the same time the informant of 62.5% lasts to what place uses refrigerator the effect is not complete satisfaction, among them the consumer of 18.4% expresses completely dissatisfactory. Dr. Xiao Jianjun that this standard basically drafts one of people introduces, the real sense that makes antiseptic freezer standard depends on driving direction of Xiang Jiankang of our country freezer to develop, drive Chinese freezer product to last to health times stride. He says with all sorts of feelings: “ basis food science principle, bacterial mould is the main reason that causes food putrefaction, also be the main reason of freezer smell, the food in answering freezer so and inside bravery, put aside frame etc undertake antiseptic, but can depend on without the standard before. ”

Distinguished economist Hai Varian points out: “ standard is promotional compatibility or interconnection sex, produce greater value for the user through enlarging a network. In the meantime, the standard reduces the technical risk that consumer faces, this meets those who quicken a technology gain ground. ”

Deputy secretary-general Chen Gang also points out association of Chinese electric home appliances

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