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Market of innovation freezer dominant

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The “ that holds yesterday lasts on seminar of technical standard ” , expert attending the meeting predicts, chinese freezer industry will continue to carry rapid growth state, turnover was added 2007 fast more than 20% above, apply last, the freezer product of the innovation technology such as energy-saving, environmental protection will be become 2008 market main trend.

Last freezer suffers bestow favor on

Product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce investigates the research report that the office issues to think, in massive spending demand is driven, industry of our country freezer from 2005 year end begins to enter rapid growth phase, in the meantime, the concept of consumer also appears change, last, the more innovation technology such as energy-saving, environmental protection is applied extensively. Compare 2006, freezer industry turnover was added 2007 fast more than 20% , among them, growth of energy-saving health product is most apparent.

2006, sea Er is in after rolling out light-wave to add skill of completely bright, lukewarm area, association of standardization of center of analysis of medicine of U.N. home biology, China promulgated the whole world first family expenses lasts freezer standard, will last freezer technology raises a new height. This one act is in sea Er to go up objectively drove last of level of freezer market technology upgrade step by step. 2007, fly newly, sound of sea letter, beautiful water chestnut, look, soft coarse manufacturer is rolled out in succession last freezer. For a short while, last freezer held the most share that freezer tasted the market newly 2007, last freezer market achieved unprecedented progress.

Company of freezer of have the aid of is right last the active promotion of freezer, consumer to lasting the enthusiasm of choose and buy of freezer rises apparently. Research task group is opposite market research of home appliance of office of investigation of product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, China to lasted 2008 freezer tendency of the market and consumer demand investigation show, when freezer of consumer choose and buy, to lasting functional attention is spent for 68% , future has the customer that buys intention inside a year in, close half can be bought last freezer.

Freezer lasts of the market fervent, also let last for a time the heat topic that “ standard ” becomes industry. Be aimed at at present last association of standardization of China of combination of Er of only of great capacity rolls out the standard of freezer " family expenses lasts freezer " CAS standard, although this standard lasts to normative freezer enterprise technology, guide freezer industry to last, healthy progress rises to press action, but GB appeals to come on stage all the time inside course of study. It is reported, at present committee of technology of standardization of countrywide electric home appliances
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