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Of freezer last GB standard comes on stage far without schedule

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Recently, a “ freezer will have last the message of GB ” causes wide attention. But when the country is accepting times reporter of standardization academy to interview about the personage, express however, did not hear of will come on stage last GB. Chen Gang of secretary-general of association of electric home appliances
Last technical “ lets a hundred flowers blossom ”

“ is energy-saving and last ” is freezer of consumer choose and buy when most the two big functions that consider first. Nearly two years, freezer manufacturer lasts around “ the competition of ” domain is ” of “ try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, strive to be the first.

Times reporter visits the home appliance such as beauty of Su Ning, country to sell a discovery greatly, achieve in order to last almost to sell the freezer of the dot the brand 100% , all sorts of lasting the concept emerges in endlessly. For instance, “0 ℃ biology of Xi Menzi lasts the “ that 7 colour light adds up to the ” of technology of “ vector frequency conversion that the “ light-wave of technical ” , sea Er adds little technology ” , sea to believe, “ that contains sound to fly technology of the ” that raise delicacy, newly.

“ freezer lasts the function gains ground so, we also hope to publish corresponding national level to lasting freezer installs doorsill ” , when waiting for freezer brand controller to accept a reporter to interview, express look sound, beautifully, but each roll out last technology and difference of concerned parameter “ are very big ” , find a judge level that suits entire industry very hard.

Freezer lasts is systematic project

Times reporter understands, freezer lasts the standard belongs to standard of ” of “ healthy category, the standard such as effect of electric energy of its unlike home is OK in that way “ quantifies ” , specific data, index undertakes “ consults ” , in order to set industry admittance threshold. In fact, the country is in when considering coming on stage to allow about healthy category mark, it is very careful all the time, the ” of fashionable of healthy function “ of air conditioning is for instance old, but concerned GB did not see tardy however come on stage.

“ air conditioning lasts is a more complex system project, involve refrigeration project, microbial project, dietetics, the square field surface such as the growth that studies fruit vegetable even, development, consenescence, ” sea believes the concerned controller of office of division dragon trademark to tell a reporter, if be relied on merely microtherm, antiseptic wait for a method, last the effect will sell at a discount greatly.
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