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Last freezer market flames of war as before

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The “ that held a few days ago promotes freezer market development, compose is built last on seminar of technical standard ” , the delegate of production enterprise of the expert that comes from medicine of live thing of academy of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, China home appliance, country to analyse the branch such as association of home appliance of center, China and mainstream freezer lasts freezer tendency of the market, last technical development and. Expert attending the meeting lasts to future not only the attitude that freezer market supports active affirmation to mature development, and thinking to last will still be this year the heat that freezer consumes.

Land blade wave points out deputy secretary-general of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, in massive spending demand is driven, industry of our country freezer from 2005 year end begins to enter increase level quickly continuously. Meanwhile, the consumptive concept of consumer also appeared to change, nutrient health is favorred, last, the more innovation technology such as energy-saving, environmental protection is applied extensively.

As we have learned, 2002, xi Menzi 3 loops computer is lukewarm accuse 3 freezer to last with “0 ℃ biology technical ” initiated freezer to last times; 2006, after sea Er rolls out light-wave to add skill of completely bright, lukewarm area, association of standardization of center of analysis of medicine of U.N. home biology, China promulgated the whole world first family expenses lasts freezer standard, will last freezer technology raises a new height; 2007, fly newly carry “ water to breathe ” to raise bright freezer blow last the bugle of high and level tone of battle; Subsequently sea letter rolls out freezer of frequency conversion of vector of two lens face; Promethean research and development gives beautiful water chestnut - 40 ℃ are deep cold quick-freeze lasts technology, ” of its “ Pallas, “ lasts product of king ” series accuses with touching oxygen and VC solely wet last the technology comes race to control lasts upland; 7 colour of the “ that contain sound add up to freezer of the ” that raise delicacy to also appeared in September 2007 solely; 2007 the end of the year, the LED light of the freezer below the pine adds delicacy to change conservatory from last and add delicacy two respects proceed with, let cate obtain ” of “ new student. According to not complete count, compare 2006, turnover of freezer course of study was added 2007 fast more than 20 % , last the contributive result of freezer cannot be done not have. 2008, freezer market lasts sell name a person for a particular job more fervent.

Current, because the company is right,last the active promotion of freezer, consumer to lasting the enthusiasm of choose and buy of freezer rises apparently. The investigation that to lasting 2008 freezer tendency of the market reachs consumer demand shows group of task of survey of market of home appliance of China of research center of development of office of investigation of product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, the State Council, when freezer of consumer choose and buy, to lasting functional attention is spent for 68 % , future has the customer that buys intention inside a year in, the customer that has close in part states affirmative meeting is bought last freezer.
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