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Perspective news: On the world most the freezer product of seventy years of age

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Life 70 since time immemorial are rare, did that use refrigerator of 77 years? The message said yesterday, england old lady Home Mei Si has a such old freezer! Allegedly, mei Si was bought so that this “ Yi Lai overcomes with 7.5 pound 1969 this of ” card secondhand freezer. This beautiful type freezer that having massiness entrance door is 1.22 meters tall, the exterior shows the ice-cream scene of milky white, make 1931, this year 77 years old, bigger than master Mei Si 17 years old. Reach Home Mei Si oneself, old freezer runs day and night, it is not bad, had not changed even in-house bulb, can saying really is conscientious, spare no effort in the performance of one's duty!

The weirdest “ figure ”

Life is had after all on spark, it is the problem that investigator of a lot of astronomy pays close attention to. The message said yesterday, when the photograph of the Martian surface that astronomy lover is analysing detector of spark of ” of date of courage of “ of bureau of American space navigation to just be sent recently, discovered unexpectedly special the object that is exactly like a female. In the photograph, this figure sits on the rock that highlights together, extend arm, that pose seems to waiting for a bus. The message comes out, somebody believes somebody suspects. Opponent says, human eye is cheated very easily, this spark belle is probable it is a person entity rock only stopped.

Most “ is vulgar the bandits of ”

What does British thief love to steal most? Not be gem however tractor! The message said yesterday, at present the agriculture machinery equipment such as high-grade tractor makes the sweet bun of sudden huge profits of obtain of British crime group. Allegedly, value of a high-grade tractor ten dollars, although secondhand goods, also can sell 100 thousand dollar. And thief people carry agriculture machinery abroad, go up again again license plate, totle drilling cost does not exceed thousands of dollar. Risk small, gain is big, guilty group is annual but from which easy gains restrains 6 million dollar. Below the temptation of sudden huge profits, they even dare a few be come out to sell then secretly by the spoil of police capture!

Most the grievance of “ famous ”

With celebrity homonymic, did not have benefit from association with sb or sth to bring a lot of winding however! The message said yesterday, horse of man of Zun Zhiya city is fourth - Lu De - gold sighs with emotion fine is much! Original, chartism cacique horse is fourth - Lu De - Yu Huxiao of Jin Zaimei country. The Martin that this can give Zun Zhiya - Lu De - gold brings many troubles. For example: Post office sees be being written on the letter that sends him“Martin - Lu De - when golden ” , can cancel letter unexpectedly, add deceased designation. Additional, he still can be received a few annoy information. But also have when making a person happy, go every time for instance the Martin when the other place travels can discover a lot of with oneself of homonymic of the same surname street, and annual Martin - Lu De - golden fete can receive countless greetings and blessing more!
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