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New Year sends great gift

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[net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension reports 1 day] the author sold an understanding to arrive from Beijing Su Ning electric equipment recently, a beautiful double open the door attention spends freezer recently quite tall, this 192 retail prices that establish litre of medium capacity freezer are 2690 yuan only, it is the type of an extraordinary be to one's profit.

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Beautiful BCD-192EM freezer

Beautiful BCD-192EM double open the door freezer uses shallow stainless steel horizontal grain exterior, decorate vacuum plating aluminium is decorated, look not only extraordinary, and all the more elegant and easy. The distinctive copy aerospace port that this freezer was used and used the United States seals a technology, heat preservation effect is more outstanding.

This freezer accuses for computer lukewarm change a system for double abide, cooperate its efficient compressor, your this freezer is in respect of energy-saving Jing Yin more reach the designated position, the power consumption of this freezer is 0.59 degrees only, to its 192 standing is very energy-saving the high capacity that raise.

Use inside freezer luxurious floodlight of type suction a top, toughened glass is lain between frame reach muti_function independent door is lain between frame, use conceal type handle to be designed more convenient. In addition this freezer still uses a badder-like inner container inside the material that fight bacterium, the result that fight bacterium is very right. This freezer reached a nation one class can effect standard, its price is 2690 yuan only, suit to be versed in firewood estate is used very much.

   The editor is commented on: The advantage on beautiful BCD-192EM freezer price is very clear, and the use that 192 litres interior space also satisfies 3 home absolutely. Though low-cost, but do not have in price a bit careless, it is exterior of stainless steel horizontal grain, OK to conceal type handle to design see it not the one side of common, the word that if your near future has,buys a plan can pay close attention to this product.

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