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Freezer compressor new standard: Energy-saving environmental protection has acco

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Freezer is the large family of bad news report in common people home all along, around the move is energy-saving province report, in recent years manufacturer all the time ” of “ cudgel one's brains for. According to expert introduction, freezer is the most crucial it is compressor, be equivalent to its heart. Adopt the change of condition of ” of cold to “ intermediary, compressor ability realizes freezer interior refrigeration.

For from go up at all solve freezer energy-saving problem, freezer compressor will have new standard 2008. Freezer compressor standard edits the working group held the meeting the 2nd times a few days ago, the conference announces, hopeful of new standard of Chinese freezer compressor was finished 2008 edit work and give carry out.

According to association of Chinese home appliance king thunder introduces deputy secretary-general, before 10 years, the refrigeration efficiency value of compressor is achieved 1.1 even if energy-saving model product, and the COP value of the compressor product of the mainstream on the market already was achieved now 1.6, the compressor COP watch of high-energy effect achieves 1.8~1.9. Develop as the technology, 96 edition standard already cannot conduct market development effectively.

The personage inside course of study thinks, new castigatory standard will guide an enterprise to roll out more efficient and energy-saving freezer compressor, make the market gets the standard is mixed guide, and consumer also will get material benefit from which.

At the appointed time, ” of mixed freezer “ energy-saving standard will not have the ground of use force, after all section can? Environmental protection? See compressor say again first!

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