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Home appliance consumption is fashionable also

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As the rapid development of Chinese economy, the consumptive idea of people also is being changed sadly, go up in the consumption of home appliance especially, appear give a new trend: They expect the sort of can blend in whole household, grade is conspicuous, let the product of oneself domestic extraordinary. Contest Nuo came to was opposite 2007 2006 the research of 6000 example consumer makes clear 15 cities of countrywide: Outer view vogue, last model, environmental protection is energy-saving model in the rank, exterior advantage led a platoon to be in the first with the difference of 49.2% , the appeal that has the beautiful person that the offset of home appliance product of beautiful exterior is expended is the biggest, of consumer buy intention highest also.
The reporter sold a discovery in Guangzhou's main home appliance recently, no matter be international brand LG, Xi Menzi, Yilaikesi, still be letter of domestic brand sea, beauty, sea Er, have beautiful the protagonist that the home appliance product of beautiful exterior already became each to exhibit a stage to go up, the market prospect that bullish sale lasted to also prove to take design course in the meantime is better. Now the design wind of season freezer has the different culture color such as ” of beautiful type of ” of “ Chinese style, “ French ” , “ , do you prefer which kind of?

Beautiful type: 3 freezer offer multiple choice

3 open the door become lukewarm freezer the delegate that with its technology and “ the advantage of changeful ” becomes freezer of ” of “ beautiful type. SamSung also rolled out this year 3 open the door freezer. The curved surface glass that its exterior used wine red and hi-tech content makes face plate of arc dazzle colour, feel time dazzle colour, showily and fashionable. In the meantime, of orange be in a poor light the design also lets a product more show class. As we have learned, samSung changes the broadband lukewarm first the technology applies at common freezer, among change conservatory can realize 22 ℃ become lukewarm limits. The food of demand of different to having temperature, you can arrive in 0 12 ℃ between 0 on 10 ℃ aleatoric choice, want how to change.

Chinese style: ” of grain of China of “ of freezer in full bloom

LG is in the beginning of the year rolled out ” of freezer of rich and powerful family of a “ this year, allege should enter artistic area home appliance field, move with affection element consumer. As we have learned, the exterior design of ” of freezer of “ rich and powerful family is in preserved the fashionable element such as red of vitreous steel face plate, wine while, return a famous artist river the picture of photograph forest makes “ fill Tang Wen ” to blend in among them, reductive, maintained this one art to draw essence, its elegant, beautiful temperament suits to like the customer that Chinese style designs particularly. Beautiful rolled out “ this year visible delicate last systematic ” Tian Xianbing box, exterior of the wine safflower grain that ” series freezer used “ day delicacy to have Oriental charm alone, Dan Jinyun grain, market fad temperament and exalted character at a suit.
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