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2008, mainstream freezer cartel is performed last big play

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A few days ago, the theme promotes freezer market development for “ , compose is built last the 2008 freezer occupation standard of technical standard ” and technical seminar are held in Beijing, heat of scholar of the delegate that comes from domestic mainstream enterprise, expert is discussed last the market development trend of freezer, last of technical development and standard build wait for relevant topic for discussion. Delegate of expert, enterprise thinks consistently, last freezer will lead freezer consumed new trend 2008.
Freezer technology changes developmental strategy
Freezer regards contemporary family as necessary product, the transitional cardinal principle on the technology passed 3 level: It is to go up for the first time the motion banning fluorine inside limits of century whole world, make freezer made a technology rise a step; The 2nd technical revolution is can of effect standard technology carry out, make the energy-saving technology of freezer is quickened greatly; In attention environmental protection is mixed energy-saving later, healthy freezer became new technical competition to nod again, among them an index lasts namely. As we have learned, brand of class of almost all now just a little breaks through this technology in effort, the progress that this revolution can give freezer the industry likewise brings new flight.
When Zheng Yonggong of CTO of nutrition of food of center of analyse of credit of cure of national live thing is accepting Chinese intellectual property to sign up for a reporter to interview, express, compare with common freezer photograph, last freezer has certain innovation on the technology really. At present the freezer of mass brand is passed much more lukewarm area and change the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the moisture in fruit of vegetable of conservatory technology slow down and nutrient composition, lengthened vegetable and fruity cold storage to last greatly period.
Research task group is opposite market research of home appliance of office of investigation of product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, China to lasted 2008 freezer tendency of the market and consumer demand made investigation, investigation shows, freezer uses a process actually in, store most, store the food with the longest time is the flesh kind, vegetable and fruit are later, back-to-back move is milk products and beverage. And the customer that has 83.7 % at present stores through fruit vegetables the case will discern the effect that family expenses freezer lasts, ignored the flesh kind last circumstance.
Be aimed at this circumstance, zheng Yonggong explains further, vegetable, fruit, flesh kind, milk products and wine kind the live thing that existing to differ is characteristic, need matchs to last differently to it deposit requirement, accordingly freezer enterprise seeks corresponding technology ceaselessly even, in order to satisfy customer to lasting the requirement of diversification. Accordingly, to lasting the space that there still are a lot of technology breakthroughs for freezer industry.
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