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Washing machine of sea Er refrigerator should raise price

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Recently, sea Er home appliance is high-key announce to go up the price that moves the washing machine below the banner, freezer. The analysis inside course of study, suffer raw material to rise in price, cost raises wait for element influence, price of white home appliance rises situation hard to avoid.

Wuhan is versed in the home appliance business such as beauty of trade, Su Ning, country confirms yesterday, already received the announcement raising price of sea Er company, go up make an appointment with 5%—10% . Before New Year, price of Ximen Zibing box, washing machine already went up tone is made an appointment with 5% . Inside course of study
Personage analysis, do not eliminate other trademark follow-up to move the likelihood of valence.

The home appliance trade that pursues strategy of “ low ” all along shows, can wait for means through offerring appreciation to serve, decrease as far as possible rise in price brought influence.

Reporter yesterday visits much home home appliance to sell a discovery, the terminal sale price of sea Er freezer, washing machine, of short duration did not rise apparently. Beauty of labour trade, country all say, still have stock at present, the near future can maintain price stability, raise price newly into the ability after kinds or types of goods appears on the market, the amortize that predicts to still half month is controlled period.

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