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Wu Kelan produces freezer to leave to China proof oppose dumping tax

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The reporter learns from Department of Commerce yesterday, wu Kelan expresses to will produce cold storage, frozen plant to collect to China oppose dumping tax finally, collect period for 5 years.

It is reported, amount of product of case of our country experience restrains 51 million dollar, it is 7 trade that Wukelan starts to China up to now amount of record of the experience in relief measure case is the largest.

Introduction of Department of Commerce, wu Kelan of the first ten days of a month crossed committee of the international trade between the branch to pass resolution this year in Feburary " it is entrance of China and cold storage of Osmanli daily expense, frozen plant to adopt to producing area oppose dumping measure finally " , be in " governmental news report " announce on the newspaper, at effect of have a youthful look.

It is reported, turn over dumping duty to collect an object to include daily expense sheet to open the door freezer / glacial ark, the capacity does not exceed 340 litres, daily expense compressor type cell freezer, the capacity does not exceed 250 to rise (inside the product that fit pattern and except of desk type freezer) , cabinet form puts ark on the ice, the capacity does not exceed 250 litres.

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