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Amazing! Longevity trouble-free refrigerator for 58 years the house has durabl

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British 多丽丝斯托格 Dell refrigerator and modern home appliances than the obsolete and cumbersome. But the work of 58 contained refrigerators, which can still be a good preservation. Most old refrigerators Doris, aged 89, is a retired piano teacher, who lives in Oxfordshire. This refrigerator by the U.S. General Electric, 斯托格戴尔 a share in Malaysia in 1952, when the price of 1090 ringgit. In accordance with prevailing exchange rate, about 135 pounds. Buy this refrigerator so far, in addition to replacement of lighting inside the refrigerator, never repair or replacement of parts, called Britain's "long life" refrigerator. Life partner Vivian Doris and her husband have three children. As an engineer, he was sent to work in Malaysia. Doris said: "With husbands place of work changes, our family moved to various places. This refrigerator follow us around the world." 斯托格戴尔 a return to England in 1959 and settled Oxfordshire. This is a refrigerator and baggage brought back to England. Doris's daughter said: "This refrigerator older than I am. We do not intend to throw it away, because it still works well." Refrigerator Competition A GE spokesman said: "This refrigerator is the United Kingdom, may be the world's oldest fridge, it night and day for nearly 60 years." Valerie did not know, the company organized a search for Britain two months ago, "most old" refrigerator competition. Ed, who lives in Bucks Monga Road High Wycombe home refrigerator, with 56-year-old "old age", in the contest. Garrod's parents in 1954 to buy a General Electric refrigerator. For decades, this refrigerator is almost not had any trouble, only a few weeks after the opening of a temperature controller replacement.
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