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Omar is creating a Chinese refrigerator industry Omar miracle

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October 18, 2010, Zhongshan Homa eighth anniversary of the day was established, did not celebrate with the noise, everything is quiet. From the initial pure OEM to today's domestic and international both, exports and its own brand two roads to walk; from the initial supply capacity less than 50 million units to 500 million today, from less than 30 million units sold to almost 400 million Taiwan ; Omar 8 years away peer companies walked the streets for 15 years. Omar is creating a Chinese refrigerator industry, "Omar miracle." Omar was established in the Chinese refrigerator market has come of age in 2002, in theory, market structure during this period has been basically formed, under the new brand to get, then waited for opportunities in the powers of the environment, Omar Is how to survive and grow up? Omar 8 years left to the Chinese refrigerator generation and thinking what sort of inspiration? To this end, I interviewed Omar domestic and overseas marketing vice president of marketing vice president Yaoyou Jun Wu Shiqing. Liu Buchen (hereinafter referred to as Liu): instant, Omar has gone through 8 years of history, back to the 8 years, you most want to say a word for that? Wu Shiqing (hereinafter referred to as NG): I want to say two words are "thank you", thanks to our team, not the team today is not Omar. LIU: According to the current situation, Omar breakthrough in 2010 sales target of 400 million years there should be no big problem, from zero to 400 million units, Omar traveled only 8 years. Omar also proposed early this year, "518 Plan", that is, to implement the next 5 years Sales target is 800 million units, which is a lot of growth. My question is: What can support Omar continued rapid development of the future? Wu: In the next period of time, Omar will continue to adhere to both domestic and international markets simultaneously strategy. Development in the domestic market, our goal has become increasingly clear that within 3 years must be sold in the red to 200 Million units, among the ranks of the Second Corps, and we were full of products and marketing, I believe that this goal can be achieved. The international market, we did very well, is expected to export more than 300 million units this year (to Year is 2.38 million units), once again won the first no objection. The future, as efforts to develop the American market to gradually increase, which will form part of the market our new increment. Europe is our traditional market, there are still 30% this year Growth. With Omar reputation in the European market to further improve, more and more dealers and us. It can be said, and the traditional big brands, we have a cost advantage; and new brands, we have a production capacity of the international market and scale advantages. Liu: In accordance with the development objectives of the next three years, Omar onto the domestic market to 200 million units sold, total Army ranks second among the Chinese refrigerator. This means that the compound annual growth rate to reach 30%, which seems to be a difficult reality Is the goal, Omar development plan to develop such a high confidence come from? What safeguards? Wu: Our confidence comes from Omar's unique competitive advantage. First, compared with other Cenozoic brands, Omar domestic and international markets horn each other, support each other, and dependent on the domestic market enterprises completely The same. For example, with the domestic refrigerator market price era, relying solely on the domestic market, enterprises will experience a lot of trouble, Omar would not have this pressure. Second, Omar product cost-effective, competitive, well received by consumers. For example, we and the Guangdong Suning cooperation and long, but our products have been sold to the fifth, with the new fly, Meiling par. Again, we have a high-quality domestic team, the team fighting a very strong domestic market development experience, and a number of construction companies based on immediate and marketing system are completely different. Liu: I have asked some of the views of those who purchase Omar refrigerator, they said: First, Omar refrigerator really good and deserves to be exported. Second, Omar this brand is too small, giving consumers a sense of honor is not strong . This indicates a problem: Omar's brand power is still relatively weak. Omar wants a strong brand among the ranks of the brand must achieve a breakthrough. In brand building, Omar, what kind of plan? Wu: We are very clear, Omar is still a relatively weak brand in the future for a long time, brand building will be our important task. However, brand building is a gradual process, not Great Leap Forward, the error committed can not be expected to eat a fat one, we emphasize that the coordinated and sustainable development. 2011 is crucial for the Spurs, if our strategic planning this year to promote the smooth, I believe You will see a different Omagh. Liu: In order to meet industry trends, Omar did what kind of preparation? Such as industrial design. Wu: high-end products next year we will increase efforts to promote the many aspects of our product innovation faster and faster. On product industrial design, in fact, similar to U.S., but we show Products is relatively small, many people do not pay attention. Liu: from customs statistics data, beyond the present, China's refrigerator exports Omar continues to occupy the first position, for three consecutive years, "China's refrigerator exports champion" should not have any accidents. Development Goals, according to Omar, The future will further increase overseas exports, exports in 2015 to reach 500-600 million units, which means that the next 5 years, exports almost doubled. Does such a large incremental come from? In addition, the independent brand Mouth, Omar without planning? Yao Youjun (hereinafter referred to as Yao): We next goal is the total overseas sales of 400 million units, a 100 million increments, which the European commitment to an incremental 50 million, 50 million commitment to other areas. See from the current situation to 2015 Annual export volume of 500-600 million, will not have too much pressure. Many people have asked me "why so much brand in exports has lagged behind the Omagh this small brand," I told them: First of all, we are able to Customer perspective for their sake, so that customers really aware of this business is your candid, honest, reliable, from their interests, and make them feel and Omar doing business, delivery, product quality, Credibility, are worthy of trust. Secondly, we can put your own profile. In communication with overseas customers, we always take the initiative to ask them to put forward their views on our products, and then we meet together on a solution, just as within the company will be held Meeting the same. The European market, for example, where Omar has formed a gas field, the region's customers in China to find the refrigerator dealer, the first thought is Omar. Therefore, we done very calmly in the European market. Such as : Yesterday, an Italian customer, but also Europe's third largest refrigerator dealer, take the initiative to come called for cooperation, he is received from Omar's second-largest customer information. On its own brand, there is a bias we think that the better the export of independent brands, the actual situation is not so simple. Omar in this regard to maintain sufficient reason. First, in the mature European market, we Not going to compete with their own brand market; in Africa, South America market, we will consider the gradual introduction of their brand. In the developed countries to do their own brand, our initial idea is the square through the acquisition of the brand Style for, like Lenovo's acquisition of IBM computers in the United States to do their own brand of the same. Liu: Omar incremental space in the future where the overseas market? Yao: Europe and North America market growth, mainly from the refrigerator, where basically has stopped production and export of China's refrigerator in great demand. Overall, Omar future growth in overseas markets, mainly from two sides Surface: one is the local refrigerator plant shutdown, the other is in Africa, South America and other markets in the first development. Liu: International market development risks? Yao: export tax rebate policy adjustment and increasing appreciation of the RMB is the Chinese home appliance exports of the two factors critical to the future there are likely to face the problem of carbon tariffs. Omar has developed a preliminary plan for this, that is, as the yuan continues to appreciate, we will set up factories overseas to speed up the pace of the negotiations under way, has come to talk about the level of detail. LIU: At present, China's refrigerator market Anchaoyongdong, how do you evaluate the two companies of Haier and beauty? Wu: Haier is an enterprise worthy of respect, which have come in ahead of the global refrigerator industry, its price has remained stable product quality excellence, is a model Chinese refrigerator industry, is Omar to learn from. Liu: If you have to sum up to eight years, a lesson from Omar, what do you think? Wu: (thinks) high-end product development we wanted to do from the early days of Omar, but for various reasons, we do some lag, this is our most regrettable.
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