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Chinese refrigerator company certification highlights low-carbon global respons

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November 2009, a sci-fi disaster movie "2012" Treat people deeply feel the earth, low-carbon development; November 2010, China's home appliance industry's first standards for green products, the advent of low-carbon allows the more people feel for the protection of the environment of China's continuous efforts made. In addition to common environmental demands, the two things there is one thing in common, that is, Haier refrigerator in which an important role to play - "2012" show the American way of life in the refrigerator and the only access to Casa Di, "China Environmental low-carbon product certification mark "certificate of refrigerator 001, enterprise, behind this seemingly coincidental in fact, reflects the rise of China's home appliance industry in the course of efforts to assume the responsibility of the industry leaders. Chinese home appliance standards sounded over the EU "green" horn November 25, organized by the Department by the State Environmental Protection's "Green Conference" in Beijing. At the meeting, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection released the first green low-carbon on the standard household electrical appliances. It is understood that the standard is by far the most stringent standards, a lot of harsh on the degree of the project has far exceeded even the EU's ROHS directive. On this criterion, only 11 companies in more than 200 products through a low-carbon of this certification. According to participants to experts, the low-carbon products Jiadian certified green before green certification than the more stringent 也 more authoritative, not only on the energy consumption of the product concerned, more comprehensive study throughout the life cycle of the product on the environment. The only 11 companies certified through this low-carbon, of which only a Haier refrigerator industry, acquired a certification, reflecting the Haier refrigerator in the low-carbon technologies, carbon products, carbon management fully upgraded, but also represent the low Chinese home appliance industry carbon transformation. In this regard, the relevant environmental protection department of environment, leadership development center has also made clear at the meeting said the release of green low-carbon standards for home appliances purpose is to a product chain, to attract the whole society to participate in the production and consumption process to respond to environmental changes, while the public consumption choices, guide and encourage companies to develop low-carbon products, technologies, modes of production to low-carbon transition. "Greening" of the horn is sounded, the Chinese home appliance industry is to show the world the responsibility of power appliances. To seize the "low-carbon age" strategic opportunities Once upon a time, the EU's environmental directives, or head of household electrical appliance enterprises in China suspended a sword. Each change or upgrade the standards of domestic companies will create a panic, there have been reports that the EU environmental directives double appliances direct result of the introduction of Chinese home appliance exports decreased by 30% -50%. Now, the Chinese appliance green certification standards have been far more than low-carbon EU ROHS directive, which marks the introduction of standards in areas of low-carbon household appliances, China has undergone displacement, is moving from the status of those who take the initiative to follow the leader transfer, which leaders of business with the Chinese home appliance industry as a whole to promote closely related. "Low-carbon transition is not a overnight process, it requires the accumulation of technology, market, culture and corporate culture of accumulation, it must be a huge strategic framework to complete the enormous project." Expert analysis pointed out that Haier refrigerator so this will be the only green carbon certification by home appliances, and its consistent implementation of low-carbon strategies are inseparable. Haier Group's global brand director of operations Zhangtie Yan said in an interview, Haier has long pursued "green design, green manufacturing, green recycling and green business" strategy and low carbon concept of green line of succession, in the economic development and the dual pressures of climate and environment, Haier oriented to low-carbon, carbon to accelerate product development, design, production and service processes to low consumption, low emission and low pollution of the new low-carbon economic development model, and take a green twenty-first century, the development of new electronics industry road. In fact, in the current economic structure, the traditional model of sustainable economic development can not meet the requirements of the overall product mix optimization and enterprise-wide upgrade is imperative, who in the tide to get low-carbon transition opportunities, the market will come to grasp the initiative. Haier refrigerator is by virtue of the forward-looking strategy, it leads the way into low-carbon age. "Global made" low-carbon upgrade crack problems in China Refrigerator Compared to centuries of Western history of home appliances, "close the gap" refers to a young Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises are facing a historic mission. The same is true in the field of low carbon refrigerator, how many of the numerous strong competitors in the global refrigerator giants to create their own core competencies, but also China's refrigerator industry, think about every day. Clearly, in this issue, the Haier refrigerator has been a clear answer. Under the guidance of the globalization strategy, Haier refrigerators around the world under 29 Trinity layout of the production base and a large number of design centers, the strategic framework for Haier has a bridge of communication with the world, but also to have the integration of the global Haier Refrigerator advantage of resources. In the field of energy-saving refrigerators, Haier to integrate the core driving force of Japan's advanced technology, intelligent control chip technology the United States and Europe's leading design and quality testing standards, and the world's top energy-saving technology mastery, Haier refrigerator in the development, production, logistics, marketing, all aspects of the global carbon pool the wisdom and experience. This is by virtue of the ability to integrate global resources, to achieve a low carbon Haier refrigerator constant breakthroughs in the field. Haier refrigerators are refrigerator industry into the global "China era." The influence of this industry not only in the field of low-carbon, as well as technology and product innovation. The future, I believe in the global refrigerator of Haier and the continuous efforts of enterprises, low carbon concept will be integrated into the refrigerator every user's life.
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